Are Ellen Page’s Motion-Captured Breasts Going To Lead To A Lawsuit

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Scifi
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11/2/13 UPDATE: Click here to see the pic

Let me begin by saying as a full-fledged male, “Where are the pics?” Aside from this, after reading over this article, can someone please tell me how essential is having a female character take a shower in a videogame? I don’t every remember my playing Space Invaders or Defender that required a shower other than the fat bastard that never left the coin-op console because he never did anything else. But seriously, do I get bonus points if I lather up or lose bonus when I drop the soap? If I was playing a videogame version of the HBO series Oz then the shower aspect to the game takes on a whole new meaning about not dropping the soap.

The other point to discuss is the mo-cap. Yes, motion capture is a beautiful thing that pushes CGI animation to its limits. I remember how realistic the mo-cap was for Angelina Jolie when she played Grendel’s mother in Beowulf.

angelina-jolie-beowulfTalk about it being hyper-realistic and yes, while she had a tail, I thought her tail was DAMN sexy. As for the rest of her body, whether it was cgi or mo-cap, it doesn’t matter at this creature was in this perfect female nude form. There is a reason why this creature looked the way that it did and it plays into the story of luring and seducing Beowulf. To me, it is essential to be aroused at the sight of her and capturing glances of her body as we are siding with our hero Beowulf and could only imagine the same mixed feelings. On this level, a partially naked mo-cap of Angelina ok in my book.

Moving back to Page’s problem, I see this as a two-fold problem; maybe three. Ok, I don’t own a PS3 so I have no experience with the game first hand. If those who are reading this blog, have a PS3 and have played this game, is the shower scene necessary? If so, then my next points are moot.

First, mo-cap like the first picture above where they put active and non active markers on the person’s face. The other mo-cap is a full body suit the actor wears which also have active and non active markers. To my knowledge, I have not seen or have known about active and non active markers placed all over a nude male or female body. If you do, please let me know.

Let’s say for this argument, Page was in a mo-cap suit, the “nude” version of Page would be up to the CGI animator to fill in the rest of her body parts such as color, marks, tattoos if any. The product would have Page’s likeness in her face and her body shape overall but the more intimate details would not be 100% correct. Think about who many fake celeb photos have their heads or just face and then pasted on a naked body. We know it’s fake and this would not be a true representation of that celeb; though I would want it to be. (did I say this out loud?) This begs the question, can I sue someone for using my likeness where it was just my face? In this case, I would say Page’s lawsuit, not a lawyer here, would be invalid. Why?

If I am looking at CGI images of Page’s breast but she never showed them to the cgi animators, how can she sue for something that does not represent her? Could one sue those who photoshop celeb heads to naked bodies because they are not real? Or what if Page just recorded her voice and the rest of her image was just cgi but looks nothing like her. Can she sue the animators on the nude images with her voice? Basically, I want to know, is there a percentage where a person can sue over the likeness; is it 10%, 50%… There’s a similar videogame case involving EA Sports and college football.

Although the video games did not use their names, the former college athletes alleged EA Sports used the same jersey numbers, heights, weights, skin tones, hair colors and home states in the in-game bios, not only without their permission, but without compensation.

read more, click here

So what is the real story? Did Page mo-cap in a suit thus making the CGI animators fill in the blanks? Or is  Page is at fault for allowing such information to be taken of her and then rendered for the game. Either way, I’m sure game developers had talk through the entire premise of the game with Page first before being associtated with this project. Read more below from the article I read earlier today.

 It was reported earlier this month that an early “debug” version of Beyond: Two Souls, a new video game featuring extremely detailed and naturalistic motion captures of the actress Ellen Page, allowed players the option to shift camera angles in order to see Page’s naked body. The retail version of the game features a PG-13-type scene in which Page’s character takes a shower, but images of computer-Page’s breasts from the debug version circulated widely.

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