It’s All About the Doctor. | PAGE 49

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Scifi
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This library blog has been quiet for some time. I’ve been quite the busy bee but I am happy to see teens coming back to the library day after day. On Fridays, I have a teen Dungeons and Dragons club that meet after school. They are a great bunch of kids and love their energy and ideas. One of those ideas was to do something for Doctor Who next month which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. As you can see in the picture above is a cubeecraft of Matt Smith in the clothes of David Tennant. There are tons of Doctor Who cubeecraft that I gave a bunch to my teens to work on for my display. In addition, I have ordered anything and everything that the library had for my Doctor display; but that’s not all folks.

Having the freedom of creating displays is something I relish. Relying on my Borders Book Shop days, making book displays was in my blood and making something really cool and eye-catching and with no budget; I love these types of challenges. I have decided to make two Doctor Who icons which are extremely visual and immediately recognizable to any Whovian.

via It’s All About the Doctor. | PAGE 49.



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