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Posted: November 8, 2013 in Scifi
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Back in ye olden days before dvds, I used to work for a video rental store in NY. Since it was my job to recommend movie and be educated ala IMDB, I had to watch a lot of movies. Since I had a limited amount of time to watch the shitload of movies, there were times I just hit fast forward on the vcr and watched these movies. Yes, this was never that way God intended us to watch films but like someone who reads a great deal of books and can read very fast, doing this to a vhs movie was no different.

After a while, I got really good at the story and predicting the action but I eventually had to stop going at this high level. This also was on top of the way saw films since I had taken some film study courses in college. I could not enjoy movies because I kept breaking down the movie in film terms. Still, seeing this GIFs makes me wonder if this trend will continue and will be more conditioned to capture all this data in quicker time and retain it.

Usually the genius of GIFs is that they capture very specific moments – a goofy face, an explosion, a reaction, Dawson Leery crying – but what if it were possible to watch an entire movie like Fight Club or Avatar in one animated graphic image? Now it is, thanks to a subreddit devoted to transforming full-length movies into GIFs.

Full Movie GIFs only launched on Wednesday, but already has GIFs for classics like Top Gun, WarGames and Aliens. (It’s also got a request list for everything from Pulp Fiction to Pacific Rim. So, yeah, get on that reddit.) So far the GIFs have all been made by a someone with the handle matt01ss, who explained to WIRED via reddit message that the idea came from a suggestion in another thread:

via See Full-Length Movies Like Top Gun and Aliens as Animated GIFs | Underwire |


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