AMCs The Walking Dead Needs To Fix These 3 Big Mistakes

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Scifi
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Having watch the mid-season 4 finale of The Walking Dead, I am finally happy to have seen the fall of the prison. While this storyline does not follow the comic exactly, I think this is what will make The Walking Dead tv series more appealing. Season 3, we get the death of Andrea which in the comics she was still around after the fall of the prison. Lori, Rick’s wife, was killed by zombies as well as their newly born child as per the comic. But in Season 3, Carl was the one to kill his own mother as she was hemorrhaging during childbirth. Since she was not going to make it due to the emergency C-section, she would have turned to a zombie had not Carl done the deed. Now, these are just some examples of where I can live with the differences. Having said all this, my only concern is how each season will build upon the last. With the comic, the story has an ebb and flow quality that goes from nothing going on to major scenes of action and drama and goes back to nothing. This is nothing new as many stories are told in the format so what needs continue, to engage us from week to week are the characters.

If there was one flaw for the opening of the 4th season were all the new faces. Basically, these were the “red shirts” of the cast that were going kill off one way or the other. That’s fine by me but for their deaths to have meaning and have a real sense of loss we need to know who they are. I was upset at the loss of Hershel because there was a history behind and we as an audience grew to care for him as one of our own. I for one can not remember the kid’s name that contracted the flu, wound up dying and then turned as a zombie. Can you? What we can hope for, now that our group is splintered, how everyone is doing in the aftermath and will they be able to join up again? If so, where and how? Michonne, Carol, Glenn, Maggie, Tyreese, Daryl, Carl, Rick and yes, there are a few more but let’s stay focused on this core for a while.

As for the extended 16 episode commitment, I’m fine with it as long as there are no fillers. Nothing slows a serious when the writer’s have an end game but stretch it out ad nausem. I remembered how the last couple of episodes of BSG’s finale season just seem to meander and wasted our time towards the last episode. Let us hope, whoever is the showrunner, there is a plan in place to deliver on the goods. One of those goods would be to show the rat killer. My suspicion would be on Carl as he has had to grow up in a short amount of time and coping in this new world, this disregard for life – any life, is truly worrisome if he is acting out like this.

Any takers on who the rat killer is?

After watching the mid-season finale of The Walking Deads fourth season, I think its safe to say that this isn’t the same show that many of us fell in love with three years ago. Considering that AMC has already gone through three showrunners in four seasons, some creative inconsistencies were inevitable. The fourth season hasn’t been terrible, but it also hasn’t measured up to the brilliance of the first two, which were more tightly contained stories that moved the plot along much more quickly. Therefore, lets take a look at three big mistakes that The Walking Dead should fix to get back on track. Spoilers ahead if you’re not up to date on your viewing.

Mistake #1: A longer season isn’t necessarily a better one

In my opinion, the shows new format of splitting a 16-episode season into two 8-episode half-seasons, which started in Season 3, is a problem. It could work if the two half-seasons had tighter and distinct storylines, but showrunners Glen Mazzara Season 3 and Scott Gimple Season 4 stretched out dull storylines with filler to artificially lengthen the seasons. In Season 3, most of these filler storylines centered around Andreas alliance with the villainous Governor. Andrea gets stuck between her loyalty to Ricks group and her feelings for the Governor

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