What are your Geeky New Year’s Resolution?

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Scifi
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As the time approaches at the end of another year, I wanted to take some time to ponder on those things, those geeky things, that make me get excited to be a geek.

  1. Podcasting – While I have made four new podcast since August 2013, I need to go beyond this number in 2014. There may be times where I have to do a podcast by myself because of schedule conflicts with my co-host Mr.Gene. I would like to be definitely more active with current shows like Arrow, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. However, to make this happen, I need to get back my internet as I have been without it at home for more than a year. Yes, I have worked this past year but I’m still in recovery mode from the year I was laid off.
  2. Blogging – I am now six months away from my seventh year as a blogger. I have been a lone voice for my blog and while it has been fun, I do need to have some extra help. That is why, my new year’s resolution is to get my co-host Mr.Gene to get off his ass and to start blogging. Eventually, I would like to add more people but one step at a time.
  3. Reading – Yes, this simple low tech approach to download information into my brain has to increase dramatically. While library school ruined my joy of casual reading, I have read very little since my last class. Plus, what I have read has been more graphic novels than real plain text. I need to retrain my brain to focus on the written word and not just quick glances like when I do research and especially at the library. I read lots of news articles on a daily basis that I have condition my brain to read things in bit sizes. Think of a marathon runner being reduced to just walking – I read so slow when it comes to just plain books. Need to work on this problem.
  4. Conventions – I’ve been to just one convention here in Miami. The problem lies, other conventions are up north like Orlando and west in Tampa. Of course, there DragonCon in Atlanta, New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con; the mother of all cons. I’m not going to spend all my time traveling everywhere but I would like to venture into new arenas of geekiness and explore new worlds, new civilizations, to boldy go… you get the picture.
  5. Writing – Yes, I have written a great deal more this year but I need to work on writing to have something published especially in the comic book field. I need to start again and learn what I can learn on my own and eventually be good enough for someone to say, “Hmm, I like your stuff.” I’ve had my moments when I would write my business and library principles with scifi examples. While those were more non fiction, I would like to see about creating some fiction on my own. I have many ideas and stories but all have been put on the back burner. The time has come to get moving again.
  6. Content – Whatever it is I am doing, I need to share this content; to a degree. My wife tells me that I’m a media whore when I post things socially. I really don’t care what she thinks because she never reads my blog or listen to my podcast but seriously, I like to share what I’ve done so it can inspire others to do the same or just enjoy. One of the things I try to get my teen patrons at the library is to not only enjoy content but creating content. This can be anything like what I’m doing like blogging, podcasting, photography, origami or anything that gets then excited.

I think these are fair resolutions to keep for the new year. What are yours???


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