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Posted: January 2, 2014 in Scifi


Before one get carried away from the latest news from Marvel of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, I for one, maybe a few others, would remember the early version of the Guardians; as seen above. Two of my favorite heroes were Yondu Udonta (the one with the red Mohawk) and Starhawk (the other blue guy with the yellow fins.) I will say this, it has been so long ago since I’ve read those comics that I had no idea about what stories they did let alone the new changes to this team.

I will say this about Groot. There I said it. Really, that’s all he says??? And to boot, Vin Diesel is going to be the voice of Groot to utter the word Groot. Wow, where can I get on that gravy train? I love Vin and especially his performance from The Iron Giant but seriously…GROOT!!!

I’m a bit iffy overall on the concept which means I have an even lower expectation than the Ant-Man movie. We shall see what treasures behold us in the near future.

What motley space crew is this?

Marvel is ringing in the new year with the first look at one of its most hush-hush projects: “Guardians of the Galaxy,” director James Gunns space opera about a gang of rough n tumble superheroes somewhat reluctantly patrolling the cosmos.

The members of the five-member team are on display in the first official production pic from the flick, recalling “The Usual Suspects” as they’re lined up for your consideration. “Give me the keys, you …,” well, you know the rest.

via Meet Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy — Could They Be Next Avengers? | Yahoo Movies – Yahoo Movies.


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