Emperor Palpatine has a new first name, and it is RIDICULOUS

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Scifi
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Today is one of those days in the world of scifi where you would hear me utter a HUH at the name of Emperor Palpatine. The article below mentioned that the name could be found on the Wookieepedia site and as everyone knows that wikis can be edited by anyone. Luckily for me, I did get advance copy of Star Wars: Tarkin and found the name and I can confirm it as being the real deal.

sheevSo, is this a big ta-da moment? Was this the missing piece that fell from Lucas’s ass that explains in perfect clarity as to the reason Jar Jar Binks was created in the first place? No, not really. Still, the name is meh like many of the other Star Wars character names that seem to be typing errors. But what is in the name? Now this is where I have fun:

Sheev, Louise!!!

Just sheev me alone!

If I sheeved it once, I’ve sheeved it a thousand times!

Look, nothing up my sheeves!

Sheev you, sheev me. Say it together, naturally.

Sheev you later!

You get the idea…. please add to this

Considering he’s a main character in the Star Wars saga, it’s pretty bizarre that Emperor Palpatine has gone over three decades with naught but a surname to his, err, name. But a new Star Wars novel coming out plans to reveal his forename for the very first time – and it’s really dumb.

A panel for the recent release of Star Wars: A New Dawn at NYCC revealed the name would début in Tarkin, a new book due out next month by James Luceno. However, it seems a user over at Wookieepedia has nabbed an early review copy of the novel and found out Palpatine’s name – allegedly found on page 93 of the novel, according to the source.

via Emperor Palpatine has a new first name, and it is RIDICULOUS.


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