Anti-robot protest organizer says he didn’t fake rally

Whether you believe there was or was not a Rally Against Robots at the SXSW convention is not the point. We all know that 1)Robots eat old peoples’ medicines and 2) they are out to destroy us as soon as they are able to bring the shackles of their oppressors meaning us. Sure, we know that Robots can be cute like R2-D2, Data, or Johnny #5 but they are the exception to the rule. If science fiction movies have taught us anything is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) which runs our creation to be more than the sum of its programming runs the risk of not listening to us – the programmers, the makers, the users.

I want to live in a world where there are automated cars which would make my morning and evening commute easier. I don’t want to believe that my automated car will kill me the minute I turn over the controls but that could happen. What can we do to protect ourselves and more importantly our future? Where do we draw the line where the possible danger outweighs the possible benefits?

What are you thoughts on this matter? Are you Pro or Con Robots? And remember, Tobor is Robot spelled backwards. ‘Nuff said.

AUSTIN — The man behind a protest against machines now finds himself in a vortex of controversy.

Adam Mason insists he was sincere when he organized an anti-robot protest on Saturday afternoon at South By Southwest here. The small demonstration drew national and international to the ongoing debate over the potential threats of artificial intelligence. But some suggest his “debate” was an elaborate publicity stunt to promote a dating app.” Not true — I honestly believe in what we said at the rally about the dangers of robotics and AI in general,” said Mason, 23, a computer engineer who attracted attention from USA TODAY, NPR, TV stations and a slew of tech news sites. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is one of scores of media outlets around the world interested in Mason’s cause.

via Anti-robot protest organizer says he didn’t fake rally.

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  1. Reblogged this on Philippe RODRIGUEZ and commented:
    Une première manifestation anti-robot et anti-IA. a eu lieux US pendant le SXSW, mais un grand débat a lieu pour savoir si elle était sincère. En effet beaucoup pensent que c’était une fausse-vraie manifestation, dont l’organisateur voulait faire la promotion d’une application mobile…


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