Where do I go from here?

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Movies, Scifi
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So where do I go from here? Mind you, I’m not complaining but rather contemplating. Perhaps the fact is that another birthday coming up that is reminding me how close I am to becoming an AARP member. (Oh, I can’t wait for my Jitterbug phone; not really.) Or perhaps, my daughter entering high school next month or my son who grew like a weed over the summer that’s causing me these moments of reflection and doubt. Perhaps, I should have chosen a better Superman picture that had less goiter. I mean really, I didn’t notice it at first and then I looked again and either he has a double chin or a huge goiter. (That gave me a slight chuckle.)

I recently watched Star Trek Generation and…

Patron comes to the desk where I am at work to ask a book. The title is called “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie. I am a strong believer in messages and this was The Universe telling me to shut the hell up. So, I’m gonna stop… for now.


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