New ‘Star Trek’ series to blast off on CBS streaming service

The new “Star Trek” series is heading to CBS’ All Access streaming service.

Source: New ‘Star Trek’ series to blast off on CBS streaming service – Nov. 2, 2015

A day after the news broke about a new Star Trek series, I am… I am Nomad. I am perfect except this news tries to spin this next chapter of this beloved franchise. In trying to do so, we are left with questions that hamper the excitement. 1)Where will this series take place: on a starship, space station or some other exotic locale? 2)When will this series take place during TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT or 3)With Abrams reboot of the franchise, does this universe still exist? Those are pressing questions but for now have to be put the back burner. Now the real question that needs to be asked, why does CBS think that they can strong arm viewers to watch this new show by making them pay for it? Like Spock pondering, I was wondering myself as to why CBS was doing dramatic move.

We can look towards Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other streaming services which are leading this new way to watch television for some answers. I’ve recently decided to not renew my HBO Now subscription. I was ready on day one, when the app came out, to pay my $15 because I wanted to see Game of Thrones this way and not some other venue. Now that the season is over, there are a few shows that I enjoy like Last Week with John Oliver, Ballers, Entourage but as far as movies, I thought their selection was very poor; hence why I quit the service. When I look at CBS and with the new Star Trek series, the same thing is going to happen. Fans will plunk down their money to watch the series but I will bet you once that first season is over, there will be no reason for fans to stick around until the next season… if that will happen. What will CBS have to do to succeed?

Let’s look at Netflix and Amazon. Netflix was one of the first (streaming wise – not talking about cable) into creating one its own content and that series was House of Cards. Mind you, $7.99 a month to watch lots of movies and tv shows is a perfect price plus the added value is original programming; Netflix is giving you a reason to come back often. With Amazon, if you become a Prime Member, you do have a great deal of perks such access to Kindle Books, Music, Free Shipping, and Video Streaming. They too have moved in to producing original content like the award-winning Transparent and the upcoming Man in the High Castle series. While $99 a year may be a high price initally, the cost per month is only slightly more than Netflix. In both cases, they are very attractive products. On the other hand CBS, which has a great deal of shows and the $5.99 monthly fee is fair, I’m still not sold on the exclusivity of Star Trek.

Here’s the rub with CBS All Access, I bought the All Access for a month and that’s when I didn’t need to pay for CBS All Access on a new show. I started to watch Limitless and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert through the app via my Chromecast and the experience was fine. I chose this option as I would not be able to watch the show live and it was flexible. However, that’s when I discovered, as long I watch the show the next day or two online, I’m still able to see it. If I wait for several weeks after the première then CBS would lock it for its subscribers which is only fair. Now, if CBS is not making Star Trek available on tv and only CBS All Access, I would say, SCREW THAT!!!

“This new series will première to the national CBS audience, then boldly go where no first-run ‘Star Trek’ series has gone before — directly to its millions of fans through CBS All Access,” Marc DeBevoise, executive vice president of CBS Digital Media said in a statement. “We’ve experienced terrific growth for CBS All Access… We now have an incredible opportunity to accelerate this growth with the iconic ‘Star Trek,’ and its devoted and passionate fan base, as our first original series.”

Well, Marc. Remember that line the Princess Leia said to Governor Tarkin on the Death Star, “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” One of the ways to combat piracy to make your product better than free.  Fans who want to see the show should not have to be forced to pay to see it. Be smart CBS and don’t try to take our money. We are more than willing to give you our money when we see something we love and I don’t love this. Fans will find away to watch the show without the CBS All Access app. I will find a way.


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