Does Arrow Needs Deathstroke? No. The Show Needs Be More A.W.O.L. –

On my podcast, I mentioned how watching Arrow for the past 4+ years is like dating a great woman. The first two years were amazing because the show was put together so well and frankly, you couldn’t get enough week to week. This is also the point where you discovered that your girlfriend has a hot younger sister called The Flash. Sure, your girlfriend’s sister is fun to watch but really, you’re devoted to Arrow. By the third year with Arrow, the first half started out good but things started to go downhill. This is when you start to say to yourself, ” That Flash, Bro!” Arrow knows that you’re watching The Flash; she’s not stupid. This is when she suggests that she wants to bring back more of the magic from season two again and breaks out that sexy Deathstroke teddy. Sure you like the teddy but you’ve been down this road before. Are you done with Arrow?

Alright, enough of the girlfriend analogy but seriously, Arrow does not need to bring back Deathstroke in order to be good again. The show needs to do more shows like A.W.O.L.. For those who are not up to speed or haven’t seen the latest episode of Arrow Season 4 Episode 11 A.W.O.L. will be discussed so here is your…

Source: Does Arrow Needs Deathstroke? No. The Show Needs Be More A.W.O.L. –


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