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This is the last Scifi News podcast for March but what a way to end the month. Like Shrek, this podcast has layers, like an onion, and I love onions.



Just a word of warning, this has been a tough week to get through. I’ve had a death in the family which I start off the show. In addition, I talked about Scott McCloud’s Sculptor graphic novel and with the passing of Yvonne Craig and Bud Yorkin and everything gets connected to death. This is a very heavy show and I’m not looking to depress people. Rather, I want to share my thoughts on the subject.


Still no Mr. Gene but this week The Monster is back to talk about the scifi news that happened this past week. Topics are:

DC Pulls Controversial Batgirl Cover

Robot Protest in SXSW

IZombie review and catch up with other tv genre shows


Since my picture of Elseworld Supergirl from my camera phone seems to be popular, I thought I add more pics for you guys to download.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Having not been able to go to Comic-Con this year, I got news about the new trailer for Batman. While the trailer is bare of any imagery, I liked the conversation between Batman and Alfred. Yeah, I wished for more but I also want to be suprised when I finally see the new Bat-flick. Having said this, Batman Begins for me was a much better film than the earlier Michael Keaton portrayal of the cape crusader. The first Batman was great but I wanted to see more Batman on screen rather than seeing the villian take over the movie. This has happened to all the sequels where again the villians have had more screentime than Batman. Another point of contention has to do with seeing the Joker yet again. My wife and I talked about the most who was the best villian and we both said that the Joker was the most horrific persona with him killing Jason Todd (2nd Robin) and paralyzing Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). Bane for me in the comics was an incredible character in the Knightfall series but once the Venom steroid is done away with, Bane is nothing more than a bad mexican wrestler. If we had the chance to do the next Batman movie, would you vote for a new created villian or go with a tried and true Batman baddie?