Transcripts from Scifi/Fantasy Book Group – Airman



11:19monster7of9 by Eoin Colfer

15:20SleepyHeadArnold testing 1 2 3

16:35monster7of9 hello are you here for the book group

16:35SleepyHeadArnold yep

16:35monster7of9Arnold??? IM

16:36SleepyHeadArnold yes. it is I

16:36monster7of9 cool. I have two kids from the comic event last here

16:36SleepyHeadArnold oh. nice.

16:38SleepyHeadArnold i like the chatroom format with the videos embedded

16:38SleepyHeadArnold great design

16:38monster7of9 we were watching the book trailer

16:39SleepyHeadArnold yeah i saw it too

16:39SleepyHeadArnold finally

16:39SleepyHeadArnold and the one for baltimore

16:42monster7of9 i’m going to get the kids laptops

16:42monster7of9 give us a moment to log in



16:50monster7of9cArnold are you still with us


16:50SleepyHeadArnold yep

16:50monster7of9 Great

16:50BlahBlah123 Ok

16:51monster7of9 we have Alex and Meagan with us today

16:51SleepyHeadArnold oh. coo

16:51SleepyHeadArnold cool*

16:51SleepyHeadArnold i wonder how their comics are coming along

16:51monster7of9 Let’s get started by asking – who here finished the book

16:51BlahBlah123 I finished the book awhile back

16:51SleepyHeadArnoldi did

16:52guest7018466 I’m still working on it.

16:52monster7of9 I just finished the last 100 pages today

16:52BlahBlah123 Ok

16:52SleepyHeadArnold just in time

16:53guest7018466 I’m on page 126


16:53monster7of9We’ll try not to spoil the ending

16:53BlahBlah123 Ok

16:53guest7018466 That’s good.

16:53monster7of9 What did we think of the story so far

16:53BlahBlah123 I thought it was cool.

16:53guest7018466 I think it’s pretty interesting. Very good, that is.

16:54BlahBlah123 Yeah

16:54monster7of9 Since this is being made into movie who should play connor

16:54SleepyHeadArnold hahaha

16:54guest7018466 I want to play Isabella.

16:54BlahBlah123 Haha

16:54SleepyHeadArnold hmm

16:54BlahBlah123 Who should play Conor?

16:55SleepyHeadArnol dthe kid from transformers iz the only young male actor that comez 2 mind right now

16:55SleepyHeadArnold i dont know hiz name

16:55guest7018466 I say Dakota Fanning should play Isabella.

16:55monster7of9 Dyanne says hi Arnold

16:55SleepyHeadArnold thatz a good idea. dakota fanning. shez a good actress

16:55monster7of9 I am blanking out on the name for the kid

16:56SleepyHeadArnold hi dyanne

16:56SleepyHeadArnold ill find out

16:56BlahBlah123 Shia Lebeouf

16:56guest7018466 Me too.

16:56monster7of9 Bonvilian???

16:56BlahBlah123 I dont know

16:56SleepyHeadArnold hmm

16:57SleepyHeadArnold someone older, and bigger

16:57SleepyHeadArnold sean connery

16:57SleepyHeadArnold hahaha jk

16:57BlahBlah123 Maybe

16:57BlahBlah123 Ben Affleck?\

16:58SleepyHeadArnold lol

16:58guest7018466 How old is Bonvillan supposed to be?

16:58monster7of9 I imagine late fourties

16:58SleepyHeadArnold 50s i think

16:58SleepyHeadArnold ben would be 2 young

16:59SleepyHeadArnold benjamin

16:59BlahBlah123 Colin Farell plays Bulleye

16:59BlahBlah123 Bullseye*

17:00monster7of9 colin farrell would be a great villian much like Bullseye from Daredevil

17:00BlahBlah123 Yeah

17:00guest7018466 I can’t really think of anything to play Bonvillan. I had someone in mind. But I can’t remember his name now.

17:00BlahBlah123 Liam Neeson?

17:01monster7of9 I would see him more as Declan

17:01monster7of9 connor’s father

17:01guest7018466 How about the king?

17:01BlahBlah123 Christian Bale?

17:02SleepyHeadArnold jack nicholson as bonvilain.

17:02monster7of9 As long as he did not use the Batman voice

17:02BlahBlah123 Yes

17:02SleepyHeadArnold lol

17:02guest7018466 Yeah

17:02BlahBlah123 Who should play Linus?

17:02guest7018466 How about Victor Vigny?

17:03monster7of9 For Linus, I was listening to the audiobook and heard the american accent

17:03SleepyHeadArnold hmm

17:03BlahBlah123 Who should play the Battering Rams guys? Marlakey is his name.

17:03BlahBlah123 guy*

17:03BlahBlah123 I imagine Marlarkey as a big guy

17:04monster7of9 If Keiffer Sutherland wasn’t busy I would say his day Donald

17:04guest7018466 Jack Bauer

17:05BlahBlah123 How about Billtoe? Who should play him?

17:05guest7018466 Arthur Billtoe?

17:05SleepyHeadArnold which one iz he again

17:06monster7of9I haven’t thought too much about him except that he should be very skinny and bony looking

17:06guest7018466How old is Arthur Billtoe?

17:07monster7of9His bad health rotten teeth late 50’s

17:08guest7018466I would say Gary Oldman?

17:09monster7of9 gary as arthur?

17:09BlahBlah123 Andy Serkis is the name of the guy who plays gollum in the lord of the rings

17:10monster7of9 Actually, if you see Andy in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, that’s a great image

17:10guest7018466 How about Conner’s mother?

17:10BlahBlah123 Andy also played King Kong himself

17:10BlahBlah123 using motion capture

17:11SleepyHeadArnold nicole kidman

17:11SleepyHeadArnold for connors mother

17:11guest7018466 Maybe.

17:11monster7of9 not much of a role her nicole

17:11SleepyHeadArnold yea she might be insulted by the offer

17:12guest7018466 Yeah, she only apears in the beginning of the book. When she’s pregnant with Conner.

17:13BlahBlah123 She appears in other parts too

17:13monster7of9 I was thinking of looking for pics of casting ideas later on meebo

17:13SleepyHeadArnold that waz a nice chapter

17:13monster7of9 she does have her moments to get declan back

17:13BlahBlah123 Conor’s mother appears again with Conor’s baby brother

17:13guest7018466 Spoiler!

17:13BlahBlah123 lol

17:13SleepyHeadArnold ha

17:14guest7018466 Oh, well. Now that I know.

17:14monster7of9 We are looking at the first video

17:16BlahBlah123 I’ve got ten minutes remaining on the laptop

17:16guest7018466 Me too.

17:17monster7of9 Withouth giving too much away, there is a reference about the early recorded flights in the book

17:17monster7of9 Since our time is running short, let talk about the next meeting

17:17BlahBlah123 Ok

17:18monster7of9 Tim Eldred wrote Grease Monkey which will be our first graphic novel for the club

17:18BlahBlah123 Ok

17:18monster7of9 Feb 25 at 6:30

17:18BlahBlah123 Ok

17:18guest7018466 You mentioned it last week.

17:19monster7of9 You can meet here at the library or online like tonight

17:19BlahBlah123 Ok

17:19monster7of9 Arnold thank you for going online on your day off

17:19SleepyHeadArnold no problem

17:19monster7of9 Megan and Alex for joining us tonight

17:19monster7of9 see everyone next time

17:19BlahBlah123 Bye

17:19guest7018466 Ok. 🙂

17:20SleepyHeadArnold c ya

17:20guest7018466 Bye Arnold

17:20SleepyHeadArnold bye


Hello 2009 and Goodbye 2008


Hello again, I’m back in the driver’s seat to bring lots of scifi goodness, cheese and other shenanigans. Taking a breather on December 2008, I am amazed by what I have been able to accomplish in my professional and personal goals. 

In 2008, I became a librarian which is something I never imagined myself to be but now I can’t see myself without this in my life. I have been quite the busy bee in pushing my scifi book group (more on that), my create your own comic event with an actual comic book created(also, more on that) and my ongoing computer classes I teach for seniors.  With that last tidbit, I’ve been selected to become one of many trainers to teach the public computer and internet basics in our north and south regional libraries. I’ve joined many committees to expand my career horizons and options as I never want to have another glass ceiling over my head as when I worked at Borders Books Shop in my final years with them.

My MLIS classes are still going strong although my cataloging class sucked major ass for me last term. I’m more of a hands on learner and since we have our cataloging services outsourced in my library system, the material being taught fell on deaf ears. My Preparing Instructional Media class was a breeze to handle since I had to do a website and post different elements like a blog, podcast and presentation on any subject I liked. In case, your reading this blog for the first time, you can click here to visit the website I created for My Create Your Own Comic event. I took all my posts on my blog, Monster Scifi Show Podcast episode # 7, and create an online script/artwork comparison presentation and put it on my own website through my school USF.

Moving on this point, I am having another Create Your Own Comic event on January 20. While I used to upload a digital version of the comic I created, I am also looking at another site called This site is truly meant for comic books as the site can provide panels as well as word balloons. While Myebook is great, I’m hoping Comiqs will surpass my expectations. I may schedule another event in the next quarter near the time of the Wolverine movie in May.

For my book group, the first book for 2009 is Airman by Eion Colfer. I chose this title due to the book being part fantasy and part steampunk. In addition, this book will be made into a movie by Robert Zemekis. If you are interested, go to my book group in Facebook. I have also chosen Tim Eldred’s Grease Monkey which is my first graphic novel for the group for Feburary. I would have chosen Watchmen but I don’t have a copy of my own and I’ve been on the waitlist in my own library since July 2008. The next book in March is still up in the air as I might have a local author host the group – Brad Aiken. He has one book in my system called The Starscape Project which is part of a trilogy. His newest one is called Mind Fields. I’ll keep you posted as more develops.

Other goals that I am looking forward to is having an internship with Marvel Comics. I still want to continue with my screenwriting and comic book writing, networking with other writers and artists, and of course, continue with my podcasting and blogging. On this note, I have started Twitter-ing. I’ll try to have this linked to my blog. 

Other techie items to note, the use of my iPhone is surpassing my expectations with all the killer apps that I am discovering everyday. I will note all my oohs and ahhs for you to follow and hopefully, you will give me some heads up other apps that I must know about as well. Also, I am looking lose my cd collection that I have amassed over the years and convert them all digitally. I am starting a little savings to buy a 500 gig harddrive and with all the change I had myself, the cars and house I have $11.57… change that. My wife just gave me 5 cents. I now have $11.62 . I’m almost there x 20.

Lastly, health-wise, I need to get back to my walking. I accomplished an almost 6 miles trek to work recently which I had been doing semi-regularly last year but due to school and other stress related issues, I have once more resorted to comfort eating. My recent trip to Disney as put me back on track with walking and weight lifting. I still have a bunch of  fud, not food, that I have to get rid to get back on my psuedo Atkins diet. I will make this part of my blog to document my weight loss. For starters, I weighed myself today at 198. I wanted to drop down to 180 but my ultimate goal is 170. We shall see how this goes. 

As you can see, there is a great deal I want to accomplish in 2009 and I hope you tag along for the ride.

Transcripts from Scifi/Fantasy Book Group – Baltimore


16:32monster7of9 it is past 6:30

16:33monster7of9 guest 4322672 are you here for the book discussion

16:33guest4322672 yup

16:33monster7of9 Is this Mike?

16:33guest4322672 yup

16:33monster7of9 cool.

16:34guest4322672 trying to figure out to change my name up here

16:34monster7of9 try to right click your name

16:36guest4322672 hey

16:36guest4322672 brb

16:36monster7of9 k

16:38kalicoms ok

16:38kalicoms much better

16:39monster7of9 k

16:39kalicoms you picked a great book this time

16:39kalicoms i’m not done yet

16:39monster7of9 Goog

16:39monster7of9 good

16:39monster7of9 I just finished 15 minutes ago

16:39kalicoms but man the characters are great

16:39kalicoms i so can see this becoming a series.. or even spin offs

16:39monster7of9 great take on the tin soldier story

16:40kalicoms very much so

16:40kalicoms it was so much more then a vampire story

16:40kalicoms the details of the war and the plauge

16:40kalicoms were horrific

16:40monster7of9 yeah, the vampire was really menacing

16:41monster7of9 I was hooked in the first few pages

16:41kalicoms me too

16:41kalicoms the discription of the war at night, and then after Baltimore was shot

16:41kalicoms and the bats eating the dead or dying

16:42kalicoms i was like “OH MY GOD”

16:42monster7of9 I wonder what is the connection between hellboy’s right hand of doom and baltimore’s left leg

16:42kalicoms Mignola has a thing against body parts

16:42kalicoms LOL

16:43monster7of9 that description about the bats eating the dead does come back towards to end to bite baltimore in the butt

16:43monster7of9 as to why do what they do

16:43kalicoms oh 100%, showing that nature has a meaning for everything

16:44kalicoms that they had their place in the circle

16:44monster7of9 exactly

16:44kalicoms that they weren’t 100% evil

16:44kalicoms but not 100% good either

16:45monster7of9 I’m not sure how far you’ve gotten but I love how we learn about Baltimore from the three gentleman’s meeting

16:45kalicoms oh 100% so

16:45kalicoms the bear story is incedible

16:46kalicoms and the process given depth to the doctor, the salor & the gentleman

16:46kalicoms the perfect foils for Baltimore

16:46monster7of9 this story reminded me of Courage under Fire with Meg Ryan were her troops told different versions of the same character

16:47kalicoms also reminded me of enimies at the gate

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Revised 2009 Book Selections for Scifi/Fantasy Book Group

In the late nineteenth century, when Conor Broekhart discovers a conspiracy to overthrow the king, he is branded a traitor, imprisoned, and forced to mine for diamonds under brutal conditions while he plans a daring escape from Little Saltee prison by way of a flying machine that he must design, build, and, hardest of all, trust to carry him to safety.








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From Sci-Fi to Spy-Fi…

With the upcoming James Bond movie, Quantum of Solance, the Scifi/Fantasy book group will change gears for a bit from sci-fi to spy-fi. The latest James Bond book is called Devil May Care. We will meet on October 29, 2008 from 6:30 – 7:45. We will meet at my library as well as online. If you choose the later, click on the MEEBO link to go right into the chat room. Remember, you don’t have to register to join this group.