The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Episode 0

Over spring break, I came across a copy of my first ever podcast for The Monster Scifi Show. This is not the first time that I’ve found this disc. It’s just that this time, I decided to sit down and find a way to retrieve my show.

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First Footage of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome! |

UPDATE: FRAK!!!!! Click here to find out more.

It LIVES!!!! The first bit of exciting scifi news I had today and this is a winner in my book. From just this preview alone, I can tell that this is not Caprica-ish in the least respect. Not that Caprica was bad but the slowness of the story telling and lack of action made this prequel unworthy to be mentioned in the same breath as BSG. They only sticking point is the SYFY logo in the trailer which kills me. The SYFY Channel is an empty husk of what I used to love about the channel. Even back in the days of SCIFI, there was the long lull between seasons and even mid seasons episodes when BSG was on the air. Farscape was this first series to have suffered this fate and thus, I have yet to see seasons three and four. Hell, MAD MEN took 17 months off between seasons. Stop the nonsense and the fans will support the show. Don’t yank the fans, SYFY!!!!

Enjoy the trailer below!!!

First Footage of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome!


The second spin-off of Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica reboot looks to be a bit closer than we thought. Here’s the first footage:

So, ignoring the strange choice to basically make the trailer the bastard cousin of the U.S. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer, what are we seeing? Well, to start, we’re seeing little Bill Adama! In a viper! Being awesome!

In all honesty, it looks like this was the BSG prequel we’d really been waiting for. A lack of movement (and enough likeable characters) killed Caprica off pretty quickly, and Blood and Chrome is already looking a lot more like the BSG we know and love. It’s possible that this spin-off may rely more heavily on action, and CGI will clearly be a sizeable component since we’ve got lots of early cylons to contend with.

What are you hoping to see? And do you think Blood and Chrome has what it takes to be the “gamechanger” Syfy is heralding it as?

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Here We Go Again…. But Seriously « Page 49

The religious mantra “all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again” as heard on Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica could not be a more apt quote for the latest round of county budget cuts geared towards the library.  Exactly two years to the date, I wrote about library cutbacks here in Miami. Click here to read the earlier blog entry. Each year from 2009, there was the feeling of the end was nigh and yet we are still here. There were some cuts in salary and employees, namely pages were let go but most were shortly hired back. So, is this go around any different from the past two years? Yes. Just like the Cylons, there is a plan.

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The House Next Door | Caprica: “Pilot”

While I am re-watching the last season of BSG, I have seen the initial first movie of this series. While I was downright disappointed with the story, there were some highlights. Esai Morales playing Joseph Adama was in my opinion the best thing about the series. Being latino, I am always impressed when an actor can be more than just the color of skin. Edward James Olmos as Admiral Adama has raised such a bar of excellence in acting on a scifi tv series no less, Esai looks to be on the same path to greatness. While I may knock the series as Crapica, I have been known to watch even less worthy scifi shows to kill my time like SeaQuest, and Andromeda. I’m sure I’ll be watching in time; just not in a rush. In any case, read over Tony’s review from the Cinema Viewfinder.



While some felt that Battlestar Galactica’s finale repudiated much that came before it, both thematically and in its execution, others (like myself) felt the story had come to an emotionally satisfying conclusion. Either way, disgruntled or devoted fans of the show—and even those who’ve never seen it—will find its new soapy spinoff, Caprica, of interest. Like its predecessor, which was couched in Bush-era “War on Terror” parallels, the show alludes to present day tensions stemming from Obama’s promise of change, something I discussed at length in a piece I wrote back in April after watching an early DVD release of the pilot.

“Caprica: 58 Years Before the Fall” reads the opening title card to the two-hour debut. The Fall refers to humanity’s near extinction at the hands of their robotic Cylon creations in BSG’s premiere. This prequel explores the fateful forces which led to their creation and rise to prominence. It begins with two young girls perishing in a terrorist attack orchestrated by a monotheistic cult known as the Soldiers of the One (the seed for the Cylon belief in one God; contrarian in the polytheistic society of Caprica). The girls’ respective fathers—Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz), a Bill Gates/Steve Jobs-like billionaire genius looking for the missing link in his robotics research, and Joseph Adams (Esai Morales), a Michael Corleone-type attorney reluctant to join the family (as in Family) business—are our portals into this show’s world.

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Virtuality Pilot Review

virtuality cast

Virtuality may be one of the better scifi show I’ve seen this year and thanks to Fox, you will probably never see it. Honestly, Fox programming for scifi shows is the kiss of death and to boot air the shows on a Friday night. With two strikes against any show, Virtuality is practically dead in the water. However, thanks executive producer Ron Moore who made BSG more than just Battlestar Galactica from the 70’s, he has made a compelling scifi series that is worthy to watch and a much improved drama over Caprica.

Think of this show as The Real World meets The Truman Show meets Big Brother in outer space. This is a story about 12 astronauts on a mission for 10 years leaving our own solar system to the distant Epsilon Eridani with the whole world watching the journey and along for the ride. We see video confessionals from each crew member baring their hopes, their dreams, and their frustrations ala Real World. The mission is also sponsored by various companies and the crew on a given day would work in the sponsors name just like on The Truman Show by wearing the apparel. And despite the exploration mission being changed to a mission of salvation, because the world would be uninhabitable in 100 years, we personality clash, tempers flair and romance between adult crew members like on Big Brother. These are not the perfect UtopianStar Trek crewmembers we have grown to expect from Starfleet but rather this maybe the very thing that might happen people have to live with one another not by their choosing and for nearly a decade in space. Despite all this, there is an escape for the crew members from the promotion of sponsors and video confessionals through the use of virtual reality.

Before you write off as boring and we’ve seen this already on Star Trek and Earth 2, yes I agree. The virtual reality does play an interesting part in the series. I did have the groans of seeing the VR on screen at the very beginning and an unknown character invading the VR setting interacting with the Commander. We saw this countless of time on TNG and even the Danger Room the X-Men comics by Whedon became sentient. However, this becomes a mystery throughout the pilot with other crew members and does not get wrapped up in the end. Virtuality gives you a WTF moment at the end but in a good way. With this going on, the rough at times crew interaction and the actual journey to the new system, there is enough drama and storylines that makes for great scifi watching and eventual dvd owning.

But as I said before, we may not see this again. The rating for very poor to be nice but thanks to you can watch the show below. Do yourself a favor and tell a friend about this show if you enjoyed as much as I have. One last thing, go over the Cinemaviewfinder.comfor a couple of blog entries about this project from Ron Moore.

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