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While all the news I’ve posted have been about The Doctor, I have finally found out some information about Torchwood. While I know this season will only be 5 episodes, I’m not sure how well the show will run with three principle characters: Captain Jack, Gwen, and Ianto. But from the video below, I think that I would be more than happy to accept any Torchwood even without Owen and Tosh.

As reported by TV Guide:

The Doctor will see you now — or, more specifically, in a few weeks.

BBC America has acquired the Stateside rights to five Doctor Whospecials that mark the end of both Russell T. Davies‘ stint as show-runner and David Tennant‘s run as the titular time-traveler. Producer Steven Moffat and actor Matt Smith will succeed Davies and Tennant starting with Season 5.

“The Next Doctor,” aka the series’ Christmas special, will air on BBCA June 27, says Variety, while the next outing, “Planet of the Dead,” will debut sometime in July. Dates for “The Waters of Mars” and the two other specials have not been set, though all are expected to air by early 2010.

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Doctor Who Minimates « The Daily P.O.P.

I am so getting this for myself but I want my Rose Tyler minimate. Where is she???


I want to begin this review with a bit of personal information. The last episode that I watched of Torchwood was from Season 1 – Countrycide. My vcr that I bought from a co-worker from 15 years ago, simply died on me. I don’t have plans on buying Tivo or a DVR  just yet but I might use Windows Vista Media Center to help in this matter. However, since Countrycide, I have not seen any other episodes including the season’s finale. All that I knew about Captain Jack was that he did find The Doctor again on Series Three – which I must say, I am eager to watch. It was no surprise watching the first episode of the 2nd season without Captain Jack. The opening scene with this blowfish guy being chased by the remaining Torchwood team was loads of great fun to watch. Bloody, Torchwood said by the elder female pedestrian was a great line to say that finally Torchwood was out in the open. Not to say they weren’t from the beginning but this line made Torchwood more like the pain in the ass and a thorn in everyone’s sides despite being the great protector they claim to be. Case in point, at the end of Doctor Who Series 2, Torchwood was responsible for the ills brought on by the Daleks and the Cybermen. (more…)


A good part of this episode reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth minus the extreme violence. However, the overall episode was a fair viewing despite one of the most dark endings I’ve seen.

The Bad

In the being, we see that Jack is having a nightmare about an eariler time in his life. As we find out, these men were under Jack’s commanded and had accidentily killed a child (chosen one). I understand why the men where killed but why did Jack survive? The whole flashback reminded me of Adrian Paul’s Highlander series which this was used in every show. This plot device was effective on the Highlander series to show the lengthy backstory but with Jack, I am still not clear about his timeline as he was from the future and now immortal.

Estelle takes a picture of the fairies in the beginning of this episode and then about halfway in the show, she drowns in the rain they caused. Why did they kill her? What Jack’s men did, as I mentioned above, made sense to kill them but not Estelle. 

While I like the take of Fairies being the warm and cuddly type, the actual daytime interaction they had with the humans was below par as the acting was just terrible. I understand the limits of television but I have seen better f/x.

The Good 

The character of Estelle was shortlived in the episode but the few scenes she had with Jack were very sweet and touching. After her death, Jack holds her in his arms and we get the strong sense of emotion about how much he loved and cared for her.

In the end, Jack decides to let the Fairies take the girl into their world. This was not his decision to make as a mother is now childless. The rest of the team was totally against Jack that they walked away from their leader. I was surprised they left this ending as is.  A much stronger effect would have been for the team to drive off without Jack rather than just waiting for him to get in the van and drive off.

Overall, this spotlight episode on Jack is okay. I was left with more questions not about what will happen next in the series but rather why certain things felt rushed in this story.



I want to say that this was Owen’s episode to really standout from the pack and be more than the comic relief. When Owen gets a hold of the Ghost Machine, the alien device, he gets transported to the scene above where a murder is about to take place. Owen couldn’t help Lizzie, the women in question, but wants to find Ed Morgan, the killer, in the present. So why the obsession to get Ed? I could argue that something in his past triggered this in him but this is all speculation. This is a big mistake by not revealing something about Owen to the audience as to his motivation. As with many scifi shows with an ensemble cast, there has to be spotlight episodes in which the story focuses on one character. From that point on, we as an audience can know or expect how a particular character will encounter future situations. For example, on ST:TNG Worf is a Klingon and when he was made head of security you knew that any encounter out of the ordinary, security of the ship was his main concern even if he always wanted to fire first and ask questions later. With Owen, I’m still not clear to his metaphoric role, is he the heart, the brain, the soul of Torchwood? In the commercial break, there was a brief tidbit about how Owen will open up throughout the season. I’ll give it the chance to explore this area.

Another disappointment is with Gwen on two points. First, am I missing something or is Gwen not a police officer? Do the British police force not train their officers in using firearms? A nice moment to watch was when  Captain Jack offered a personal firearm training to Gwen. The close contact was apparent on both parties which helped to bring the relationship closer even on a platonic level. However, since all the firearms were traditional guns and bullets, how does this provide a defense against the aliens or the unknown creatures? At least in MIB, Agent J was trained in using alien firearm to fight against alien villains. Why is Torchwood not up to speed in upgrading their weaponry?

The second point has to do with Gwen taking the Ghost Machine home. Doesn’t anybody ever listen to Jack or at least perform a bag check as they leave Torchwood for the evening? Jack has made this an issue in the past two shows and yet nothing is said here. This is becoming an issue with me only because logic would dictate within this realm that if the leader of a team gives an order, the rest of the team should fall in step. I hope this point is fixed on future shows.

Overall, this was not one of the better shows for Torchwood. This lack any growth of the characters except for Jack who we find out doesn’t sleep and is alone. I’m still not giving up this show just yet.