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The first issue of Marvel’s new Infinite Comics format comes out on the iPad tomorrow.

While I have an iPhone 4S, I still crave the larger screen a tablet can offer. However, the cost of a tablet and the cost of comic books are still to high to be accessible.


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Okay, having seen this for myself, I can safely admit that this is going to be a piece of crap. I’m sorry, Seth but I never saw you as The Green Hornet even though I love the idea of a Green Hornet movie. One of the problems I have with many actors is they become characters of themselves. While there are some roles that exemplifies their acting skills and talents but then we see the same crap over again. For example, looking over Tom Cruise’s career, there are some great highlights like Risky Business, Magnolia, and Collateral but then we still see Tom. With Johnny Depp, I love his acting because he is more of a character actor who can easily lose himself in the role and remove all trace of Johnny; Edward Scissorhand is different from Ed Wood. Move back to Seth, he is always Seth in all his movies and sadly, he is Seth playing The Green Hornet. I can’t get excited about this movie or potential franchise this could have been.

green lantern first flight

Here is another timely dvd review from Tony at his blog Cinema Viewfinder:

Nothing new to say here. As many of you who have read my reviews before on these direct-to-video animation efforts by comics’ Big Two, it basically boils down to this: DC good… Marvel bad. And while Marvel deserves a Most Improved award for their last release, Hulk vs., DC—by way of Warner Premiere—just keeps getting better and better. Their latest release, Green Lantern: First Flight—designed to prime the pump for the parent company’s upcoming live-action movie starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale)—streamlines the traditional superhero story to get right into the good stuff.

via Cinema Viewfinder: DVD Review: Green Lantern: First Flight.


On the rare night that I get to watch LIVE tv, I just happened to catch the second episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. I’ve stopped watching the show after the third season because after a while the novelty of the show wore off. However, I wanted to see this one show specifically because of the comic book aspect. In a nutshell, the men (team KOTU) and the women (team Athena) had to create a comic book character to promote

The focus of the company was their customer service. Both teams had the idea to have a female character to embody this trait.  If you watch the episode way at the bottom of this entry, you’ll see how similar their concepts came to light. However, the execution was less than stellar but then again with the time constraints and major egos got in the way of the creative process. To quote The Princess Bride, “You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.” In the Apprentice’s case, they both had rotten super-heroines.


From IO9: 

11:40 AM on Fri Oct 17 2008
By Graeme McMillan

Not content with giving us the first Battlestar Galactica spin-off with an all-new cast of characters, the comic book versions of SciFi Channel’s hit depressathon continue to give us what the SciFi Channel can’t: worthwhile spin-offs to the show. While we wait to see whether Caprica will be as much dull soap opera as origin of the Cylons, the comic book brings us Cylon War.

The four issue Cylon War, which launches next year to accompany the final episodes of the TV show, takes the saga back to the beginning – or the beginning that we care about, anyway. Eric Nylund, co-writer for the series with Joshua Ortega, explains the premise:

Battlestar Galactica: Screw Caprica, This Is The BSG Backstory We Want