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This is it. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. 4 DC Shows over 4 nights to battle 1 major villain – The Dominators.  (more…)


arrow_wonder_woman_split_-_h_2012Well… well… well. Wonder Woman, huh? It seems that this may be just more talk than action. I’m mean seriously, do I want to see Wonder Woman? Fuck yeah!!!! But when do we get it? Seriously folks, can we a WW off the ground sometime before I die? Eventually but let’s not rush into things. Hera give me strength.

Could Green Arrow and Wonder Woman co-exist on the same network?

With the CW a month away from launching its take on DC Comics’ Green Arrow, the network seems eager to have its Stephen Amell starrer Arrow potentially joined by another member of the Justice League: Wonder Woman.

The network is eyeing an origin story for the famed female superhero, exploring Wonder Woman’s alter ego Diana of Themyscira in Amazon, which is in the early stages of development under comics scribe Allan Heinberg. (Coincidentally, he co-penned a five-issue JLA arc with DC’s Geoff Johns.)

via Green Arrow and Wonder Woman on CW? ‘Arrow’ Bosses Sound Off.

The Shadow Movie Review Haiku

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Scifi
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The Shadow movie

Alec Baldwin was okay

He sure laughs a lot

Our understanding of the world is largely determined by our ability to organize information. Where do you live? What do you do? Who are you? Our answers reveal the systems of classifications that for the very foundations of our understanding. Chapter 5

This was a loaded statement when I read this the first time. I am currently living into worlds: one of librarian and the other as a patron. I have been a patron longer than I have been a librarian. I have used the library many times in my life for many reasons. I wanted to learn how to make a movie and went to the library, used the card catalog, and found the books I needed. Prior to this, I did have instructions from my old school librarian which did play a role in using the public library. However, if I had little to no training, how could I find what I needed? Yes, there could be a librarian who could help me but what if I was left to my own devices? When I look at the world of Dewey, I can appreciate the concept of organization but from user point of view; it’s not user friendly. Unlike a bookstore where there are more laymen subject headings, the public library does try to have a similar approach. For me, when I look at graphic novels there are several ways to organize the books by. (Note, I had worked at Borders Bookshop in Miami where I had the number 1 sales in the company when there where only 47 stores.) We had Marvel Comics, DC, Dark Horse and other independent publishing companies. I broke up the books by the different companies and then within each company there different series alpha by title. When it comes to Dewey, the books are arranged alpha by the author. This would make sense if you were following a particular author’s work. Needless to say, growing up on comics, all I cared about was the story of my favorite characters and books: X-Men, Daredevil, JLA, Teen Titans and so on. Read on what Dewey does:

via Information Architecture – Organization Systems « Page 49.


LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – After an intense months-long search, Warner Bros. has chosen Ryan Reynolds to play the title character in “Green Lantern,” the studio’s live-action movie based on the DC Comics hero.

Reynolds and his representatives entered negotiations for the part Friday, after the studio held two rounds of screen tests for the actor, Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto. Justin Timberlake also did a screen test.

The film is being directed by Martin Campbell and produced by Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti.

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Twentieth Century Fox has begun development on “Deadpool,” an “X-Men” spinoff that will be crafted as a star vehicle for Ryan Reynolds, who played the character in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

The character is one of the most popular in Marvel Comics’ X-Men universe. Deadpool is Wade Wilson, a mercenary who, dying of cancer, submits himself to the Weapon X genetic alteration experiment and emerges as an indestructible semi-sane anti-hero. Reynolds seemed destined to play the character. In one reference in the Marvel Comics, Deadpool is described as a mix between “a Shar Pei and Ryan Reynolds.”

by Michael Fleming click here to read more

So, why did I post two different stories? As you’ve just read, Ryan Reynolds will don on the Green Ring and he is also slated to played Deadpool from the Wolverine: X-Men Origins. While I enjoy Ryan’s work, I have a deep concern that doing a Deadpool and Green Lantern movie will become a conflict of interest regardless of when the movie are made. Simply put, Deadpool is Marvel Comics and Green Lantern is DC’s property. These are two major comic book publishing houses that have strong and vested interests in making sure their heroes make the big jump from the comic pages to the silver screen and bring in the big bucks. There is no way, one actor will be able to pull this off. Imagine this scenario, John Hodgman from the PC vs MAC commercials doing two separate commercials one for PC and the other for MAC. In a actual example, Will Arnett from Arrested Development was the voice of the new KITT but was replaced by Val Kilmer since Will does truck commercials for a rival company. Click here to read more. There is no way this can happen but aside from this the bigger question to ask, “Is Ryan Reynolds the Hal Jordan?”

I am mixed about seeing Ryan in this role. Hal Jordan/Green Lantern has had more retelling of his origins story more than I care to count. Now, for those who have no idea who Hal is or the Green Lantern, this might be fine. The Geek that I am knows Hal’s story from the comics plus the animated series and the of course, the upcoming direct to dvd Green Lantern: First Flight later this month. Part of my grip are these reasons which I stated but the bigger reason is why Hal Jordan again? I would have loved to have seen Jon Stewart as the Green Lantern as seen in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. I am all for non-white superheros making it big in the comics to the big screen and aside from Blade, who else can you think of? And NO, Sam Jackson as Nick Fury in the last 30 seconds in Iron Man does not count. Nor do I want to see El Dorado: The Movie as he was one of the lamest superheros on the Super Friends and he is also a furniture department store. Let me know what you think.

In the mean time, check out the fan made Green Lantern fake trailer using Nathan Fillion and after that Duck Dodgers as the Green Lantern.