The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 7/28/2017

Another Monster Scifi Show Podcast makes its way to your ears. As always, what are the “BIG” 3 new items I’ll be talking about:

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Dr Who Series 9 Episode 1

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast - Dr Who Series 9 Episode 1

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FINALLY!!! Mr. Gene is back and we sat down to the first episode of Dr. Who Series 9 Episode 1. WARNING – there’s a whole lot o’ cussing going on so don’t listen if yer easily offended.
ALSO – Spoilers galore on the episode but you can still listen to the first 25+ minutes where we talk about:

  • Happy Batman Day!!!
  • Star Wars Reads Day is on 10-10-15 and not 10-15-15
  • The Muppets return and are being boycotted.
  • Indiana Jones Restaurant – we went over the menu and discussed what we would order if we were there.
  • Is Batman v. Superman is really Man of Steel 2? We chime in Zack Synder’s comments.
  • Finally, we get to the “hearts” of the matter for Dr.Who.

BONUS – I was not able to get comments during the taping of the show but I will be posting it here on the blog and respond to it. Many thanks to Connie over at Evil Genius Labs.

Connie: The best thing about the new episode is after I watched it the first time, I noticed that BBC America had just started playing Baker episodes, so I checked my DVR and the first episode was Genesis of the Daleks!  The timing couldn’t have been better.  I got to see Tom Baker get sent to Skaro to try to stop the creation of the Daleks, or try to find some inherent weakness that could be exploited in the future.  When they first get to Skaro, the Doctor says the war must have been going on for centuries, since they probably started with the technologically advanced weapons, and then ended up using the more primitive ones as resources dwindled.  Harry says, “At this rate, they will finish with bows and arrows.” Well, yes, what does the soldier use in the first scene of the new episode?  He aims a bow and arrow at a bi-plane!   I just thought that was a pretty neat continuation.

Monster: I agree. I think the series works best when it taps into its own history and then explores another side of the Doctor that we don’t know still. For example, the Dr. Who movie with McGann was never explored until the 50th anniversary. We saw the missing years which included the War Doctor played by Hurt. We don’t need to see a creature of the week storyline this far into the franchise.

Connie: So, it appears obvious that the kid is probably someone dangerous, but I was not expecting Davros!!  I screamed his name at the screen several times, joyfully, as I think this is going to work out brilliantly.

Monster: I know that show needed to start off with a bang but to me the reveal of Davros as a child. On the one part, I’m heartbroken to see the a child being helpless but on the same token the events shape him to be this terrible monster and foe for the Doctor. I wonder if the Doctor had saved the child then perhaps alter the course of those dark events in Davros’s life perhaps that long war would have been averted without having to resort yo killing him.

Connie: I loved that both the sisterhood, and Clara, in the same tone of voice ask, “Doctor, what have you done?”

“Planes have stopped” – heavy handed, but just a perfectly delectable thing for Missy to do.  Love that she is not even pretending to be good.   Asking Clara if her BF is still “tremendously dead” just had me laughing out loud.  Had to pause and re-watch several times.  Calling Clara the puppy was pretty good too.

Monster: Missy delivering that puppy line was a very “Q” viewpoint. I think Missy as The Master is really enjoyable to watch just to hear those little zingers.

Connie: The Doctor coming out on a tank playing a guitar?   So self indulgent – but so awesome, I loved it.  And how could you not want the word Dude introduced several centuries early??  Dude is one of my favorite words. Wore a bowtie and a long scarf, all of me is invited, hee hee.  Great lines.

The funny thing is that I watched it a 3rd time, with closed captioning (which I normally do when I watch BBC, as I miss quite a bit depending on the accent, and the shows are so damn quiet sometimes, I really can’t catch everything).  The one scene there was big difference was when the Doctor, Missy and Clara are being held in the room on Skaro.  Clara “tricks” the Doctor by saying now he has to come back.  The Doctor says one word, and Missy says “I know”.  The first two times I watched it, I thought he said “crafty”, as in referring to Clara being “crafty” with her little exercise to get him to come back.  In fact, he said “Gravity”, which of course made so much more sense what with Missy then making the gravity comments.

Monster: I hate the fact that I don’t have the option of Closed Caption until I get the Doctor on Netflix. There have been on many times more enjoyment of an episode that I first thought was meh.

Connie: All in all, I love Capaldi – LOVE Capaldi.  I was not sure anyone could be better than ten, (modern era) as I am a huge Tennant fan, but Capaldi is totally my favorite modern doctor by far.  I love his interplay with Clara and more recently Missy.

I seriously hope that when he goes back to Davros, that he isn’t aiming the gun at the kid, but somehow saves him another way in order to “save” his friends.  I know this is probably my hippy dippy way of wanting everyone to have a happy ending, but I can’t help it.  I don’t really want the Doctor to go back in time and kill a child.  That said, I know Missy and Clara aren’t dead, whether they used the vortex manipulators to transport, or whether the doctor saves them some other way.

Monster: For me there has always been there hesitancy between Doctors that the one before was the best Doctor. Yet, time and time again, each actor brings there own energy and quirks to the same character to make that Doctor different from its predecessor.  And no, Missy and Clara can’t be dead. It’s way too early to think otherwise.

My thanks to Connie for her comments of the firs episode of Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 1

Doctor Who S6 E1: The Impossible Astronaut – Commentary

******SPOILERS AHEAD******

Anxious to see something new in the world of scifi, Doctor Who Series 6 was the perfect fit to fill that void. It is by no means, one of the best episodes of the Doctor but it does cram in a great deal of storytelling in 1 hr.

One of my favorite moments belong to River Song. I have not only grew to love but watching her throughout the episode and remembering the loss of Elizabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane, I could easily see a spinoff series for this character.  For the first time, I truly had a sense of who she was and what she was about. There was a line where she was talking to Amy about her first meeting with the Doctor and the profound impact that had on her life. Much like Sarah Jane, River can hold her own against the Doctor and whatever the universe will throw her way. I want to see her more.

Amy’s revelation about her pregnancy to the Doctor as I read over the weekend will play a larger role over the course of the series. My thought was the reveal of the little girl in the astronaut suit to be Amy’s child in some weird timeline experiment going horribly wrong. We’ll see how it turns out but I did have a gripe how it ended. Towards the end, we see the astronaut that killed the Doctor at the beginning of the episode. Amy was able to get a shot from the gun belonging to the unconscious Canton Everett Delaware III and in an almost cliché scene, we don’t know who Amy shot but at the last moment, we know that the Doctor was okay but then there was this look of horror on Amy’s face. While we, the audience, are led to believe that Amy injured or killed the astronaut, we see in the upcoming previews shows the astronaut alive with a grazed bullet mark on the helmet. I’m not sure if Moffat, the show’s runner, meant for this to happen but this poor decision does not leave me with an OMG moment but now I know that the astronaut is okay for the most part.

Rory. Poor Rory. As I was beginning to see an all to familiar pattern with the third wheel à la Mickey as seen in earlier series,  no longer was he the bumbling idiot, Rory became something more towards the end of Series 5. In my eyes, he was a worthy companion to break up the potential unrequited love scenario between Amy and the Doctor. Finally, we had a trio that would show us some light-hearted fun that the series really needed. The 2 mini episode “Time” and “Space”, after last year’s christmas episode, best exemplifies my point about the fun aspect of watching this show. Sadly, in this premiere episode, Rory remains not as major player but just someone along for the ride. Granted, this is just the first episode but I want Rory to continue to be a wonderful character as I remember him from the last season.

Finally, we get to the Doctor. Matt Smith as our latest doctor picks up his almost maniacal pace of always being several steps ahead of his companions. However, this time around, I felt a sense of ease watching Matt playing the Doctor. It’s as if Matt broke in a new pair of shoes and he is truly comfortable to play the Doctor his way. There was a great moment between the Doctor and Amy which rewarded fans who paid attention. As this story goes, the Doctor, age 1103, was killed only to see the early Doctor, age 908, show up several scenes later. Fearing that telling this early Doctor of what had happened would cause a paradox, they needed this Doctor to go back in time to 1969. Not believing anyone, Amy came up to bat.  The Doctor asked Amy to swear on something that mattered to her. Her response, “Fish fingers and custard.” “My life in your hands, Amelia Pond” was the Doctor’s response. Brilliant!!!

The overall story still left me wondering how all of this will be worked out. Then again, isn’t that the point of watching Doctor Who?