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The time has come to do my 2nd to last Monster Scifi Show for this year. Normally, my Scifi News episodes run about 20-30 minutes but I add more to the show. What will I be discussing? I’ve included 4 movie trailer reviews, 3 Scifi News items, and 5 midseason finale.



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Okay, having seen this for myself, I can safely admit that this is going to be a piece of crap. I’m sorry, Seth but I never saw you as The Green Hornet even though I love the idea of a Green Hornet movie. One of the problems I have with many actors is they become characters of themselves. While there are some roles that exemplifies their acting skills and talents but then we see the same crap over again. For example, looking over Tom Cruise’s career, there are some great highlights like Risky Business, Magnolia, and Collateral but then we still see Tom. With Johnny Depp, I love his acting because he is more of a character actor who can easily lose himself in the role and remove all trace of Johnny; Edward Scissorhand is different from Ed Wood. Move back to Seth, he is always Seth in all his movies and sadly, he is Seth playing The Green Hornet. I can’t get excited about this movie or potential franchise this could have been.