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A bevy of information of current shows either being renewed, canceled or new shows being ordered will be addressed in the tidbits of news for this week. I like that word, bevy. This makes me sound more erudite. You know more smart; stoopid.

Now that I established my superior mind, what are the “BIG” 3 scifi news topics:



hellboy-ii-dvdI wished I could have started on an upbeat note about watching Hellboy II over the weekend. The famed graphic novel by Dark Horse Comics and first movie adaptation were enough for me to be a great of fan of the Hellboy series. What surprised me was the lack of fun I felt in this second go around as opposed to the first film. Basically, this felt as if del Toro had left overs from Pan’s Labyrinth from the set design to the wondrous creature effects and just brought them over to Hellboy II. I am not saying this is bad except I’ve seen this before in Pan’s and I wanted more Hellboy.

We know that Hellboy does not want to acknowledge who he really is: Anung Un Rama – the Beast of the Apocalypse.  He was raised by Professor Bruttenholm which helped to over come his true nature. However, as Hellboy’s human father passed on, what happens to Hellboy? How does he deal with who is truly is without that guiding influence? This role could have been easily transitioned to his girlfriend Liz Sherman in the second movie. None of this was ever address in this film. On this point, I saw myself along these lines.



16:32monster7of9 it is past 6:30

16:33monster7of9 guest 4322672 are you here for the book discussion

16:33guest4322672 yup

16:33monster7of9 Is this Mike?

16:33guest4322672 yup

16:33monster7of9 cool.

16:34guest4322672 trying to figure out to change my name up here

16:34monster7of9 try to right click your name

16:36guest4322672 hey

16:36guest4322672 brb

16:36monster7of9 k

16:38kalicoms ok

16:38kalicoms much better

16:39monster7of9 k

16:39kalicoms you picked a great book this time

16:39kalicoms i’m not done yet

16:39monster7of9 Goog

16:39monster7of9 good

16:39monster7of9 I just finished 15 minutes ago

16:39kalicoms but man the characters are great

16:39kalicoms i so can see this becoming a series.. or even spin offs

16:39monster7of9 great take on the tin soldier story

16:40kalicoms very much so

16:40kalicoms it was so much more then a vampire story

16:40kalicoms the details of the war and the plauge

16:40kalicoms were horrific

16:40monster7of9 yeah, the vampire was really menacing

16:41monster7of9 I was hooked in the first few pages

16:41kalicoms me too

16:41kalicoms the discription of the war at night, and then after Baltimore was shot

16:41kalicoms and the bats eating the dead or dying

16:42kalicoms i was like “OH MY GOD”

16:42monster7of9 I wonder what is the connection between hellboy’s right hand of doom and baltimore’s left leg

16:42kalicoms Mignola has a thing against body parts

16:42kalicoms LOL

16:43monster7of9 that description about the bats eating the dead does come back towards to end to bite baltimore in the butt

16:43monster7of9 as to why do what they do

16:43kalicoms oh 100%, showing that nature has a meaning for everything

16:44kalicoms that they had their place in the circle

16:44monster7of9 exactly

16:44kalicoms that they weren’t 100% evil

16:44kalicoms but not 100% good either

16:45monster7of9 I’m not sure how far you’ve gotten but I love how we learn about Baltimore from the three gentleman’s meeting

16:45kalicoms oh 100% so

16:45kalicoms the bear story is incedible

16:46kalicoms and the process given depth to the doctor, the salor & the gentleman

16:46kalicoms the perfect foils for Baltimore

16:46monster7of9 this story reminded me of Courage under Fire with Meg Ryan were her troops told different versions of the same character

16:47kalicoms also reminded me of enimies at the gate


Baltimore will be the last 2008 book for Scifi/Fantasy Book Group. I will start right before Halloween and this looks like a great read for the spooky holiday. The meetup time will be November 26, 2008 starting @ 6:30.

Here is a brief review from Publishers Weekly:

Mignola (HellBoy) and Golden (The Myth Hunters) create a haunting allegory on the nature of war, fusing the poignancy of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Steadfast Tin Soldier, the supernatural chills of Dracula and the horrors of WWI and the subsequent influenza epidemic. Years after Capt. (and Lord) Henry Baltimore is infected by a demonic vampire bat while wounded near the Ardennes forest, he summons three friends to a mysterious meeting. Demetrius Aischros is the merchant sea captain who had taken Baltimore home to Trevelyan Isle, where they found Baltimore’s family dead and his wife resurrected as a vampire. Thomas Childress Jr. is a nobleman and deserter who learns about the vampire infestation from Baltimore, his childhood friend. Dr. Lemuel Rose is the surgeon who treated Baltimore’s war injuries. Together they help Baltimore face a final showdown with the terrible Red King. Stark monochrome illustrations from Mignola enhance this dramatic tale of war and fear. (Sept.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Reading over on Empire’s site, I can not wait for the second Hellboy movie. Hopefully for X-Mas, I will be getting the director’s cut of the first Hellboy as well as the animated movie that showed on the Cartoon Network some time ago. August 22, 2008 is the date for the release. Also check out the official site; go here. reports the trailer will be out sometime this month.

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