The Lost Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Episode 0 Part 2


Part 2 contains a recorded Heroes Panel and question posed to George Perez about Wonder Woman


Is This A Sign From Heroes?


Early on Friday morning, I had to drive once more from Miami to Tampa for a MLIS class. Along the way, I had to make a pit stop for gas and food. Since I was there, I had to use the men’s room which was separate from the station. As I walk up to the men’s room door, I noticed this image right outside. Not only did I have to take this picture for geeky reasons but I notice the streak of um….fluids running along side the famous Heroes icon. Since I had stopped watching Heroes as of last week, this image just proved to me about my feelings were correct. I know I couple of people still watching the show and I have to ask…why? I could list all the reasons why I stopped but I would be interested to hear all the reasons why I should be watching. Email me or post som comments.

Heroes game canceled by Ubisoft


By Andrew Webster | Published: November 07, 2008 – 11:00AM CT

It looks like there will be no saving of cheerleaders, nor saving of worlds for gamers out there, as Ubisoft has announced that it has canceled development on the game based on the NBC television show, Heroes. Though the game was originally announced last year, virtually no details about it have been revealed since.

“The rights to the Heroes video game have reverted back to NBC Universal. Ubisoft will no longer produce a video game based on the TV series,” Ubisoft PR director Jaime Cottini said. This means that for those holding out hope of stepping into Hiro Nakamura’s shoes, there is still a chance that another developer could pick up the license. But given what I’ve heard about the last two seasons (I stopped watching after the first), it doesn’t seem all that likely.

Heroes is a serial drama on NBC that follows the stories of a number of different characters who are coming to grips with the realization that they have super-powers. The structure is similar to other dramas like Lost, and like that show, Heroes sports an absurdly large cast and increasingly convoluted plot. It is currently in its third season.

While the idea may sound good on paper, the fact that Heroes isn’t particularly action-focused could make it difficult to make a game based on the show. Then again, the Lost game wasn’t that bad, so maybe it could work.

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Heroes Season 3 Rant from Dye

Before going into Dye’s rant on Heroes, I am really at a crossroad with this show. This week, a minor character this season was easily killed off with the teaser opening which made me close to changing the channel. The new baddie was revealed which reminded me of Magneto. The only bright spot was of course, Hiro. If it wasn’t for him and Ando, I would have closed the book on the show for good.

Even on my facebook account, Lisa, from Wendy and Lisa (music composer of Heroes), made a comment about my unhappiness with the show:

Lisa Hussein Coleman at 5:05pm October 21
whats to debate? just listen to the score… nevermind that pesky dialogue!

You may ask, why complain? If you care about something deeply then you would complain if there was something wrong, in this case, with the series. If the new tagline for the series is to choose a side, I might choose the side that never watches this show.

In case you’ve missed it, click here to hear my podcast with Dye and Mr Gene about Heroes Season 3.

From Dye:

My reaction to the last episode of Heroes.


Warning! There be cussin’ on her rant. Ye be warned!

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Hulu – Heroes: Angels and Monsters – Watch the full episode now.

I believe in the next episode or two, I just might call this show quits for good. I remember sometime last year when I was watching the Bionic Woman, I became very anger with how terrible the show was getting. In one review, I had stopped my rant and wrote that I gave up on the show right in the middle of the entry. I’m starting to feel the same way about Heroes Season 3.

Yesterday’s episode ran itself to the ground with Claire going after the Vortex guy or worse with Meredith, Claire’s biological mom, goes after another lame villian puppet master. Mohinder’s warped powers and his cocooning his victims is laughable for its concepts. This show is trying way to hard to give us a thrilling year of storytelling. In the process, they are losing me and many other fans.


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