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The Monster is back to give you a much-needed boost to your in your life. Think of my podcast as meth without the side effects. Please don’t ask why I equated my podcast to an illicit drug. Its been a long night of editing this podcast; so I’m kinda running on empty.

Putting all that aside, what were the “BIG” 3 Scifi News items I talked about:



Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand, Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize y’all’s neighborhood… Really… y’all’s. After all these years, hearing Vincent Prince say y’all’s is still cringe worthy despite the fact that I love this song. As such, I can’t think of a better song to open this week’s Scifi news podcast.

Since we are very close to Halloween, I decided to make this a Halloween themed podcast with my usual “BIG” 3 topics:


The sad news continues for me. We lose another great person whose work I’ve admired growing up, Wes Craven. The other day, I posted on Facebook about getting horror movie recommendations for my upcoming annual podcast on horror movies. I had some great suggestions but all those movies will have to be put on hold for another time. I am planning on dedicating on a couple of podcast episodes of the career of Wes Craven. From Last House on the Left to Scream 4, I will try my best to watch all of his movies, give you my thoughts on them and recommend them for your viewing pleasure but that’s not all.

Which Wes Craven movie was your favorite? Below is a survey that would like for you to take part in. There are some restrictions to the poll. 1) Like the Highlander, there can be only one so choose you answer wisely. 2) Movies on the poll are movies shown in theaters no tv work or internet 3)The movies listed are those Wes directed. I’m not looking at executive producer or writing credits – just directed. Lastly, I will mention the results on the podcast and see if my ranking matches with those who took the survey.

Wes Craven, a master of horror cinema and a proponent of the slasher genre best known for creating the “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream” franchises, died on Sunday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 76.

The cause was brain cancer, according to a statement from his family.

Perhaps Mr. Craven’s most famous creation was Freddy Krueger, memorably played by Robert Englund, a serial killer with a razor-blade glove who haunted the dreams of high school students in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984) and its sequels and became one of the best-known villains in horror movie history, alongside Michael Myers of the “Halloween” franchise and Jason Voorhees of the “Friday the 13th” films. The first “Nightmare on Elm Street” cost $1.8 million to make and grossed about $25 million

Source: Wes Craven, a Master of Slasher Horror Films, Dies at 76 – The New York Times