The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Ghost in the Shell (2017)

The adaptation of the anime and the manga of the same name has arrived in theaters. Does this new version of Ghost in the Shell live up to its namesake or does this American version hurt this movie? Let’s not forget the whitewashing controversy that has plagued this movie since Scarlett Johansson was attached to this project. 

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Coming to the Future, Robot Handjobs [VIDEO]

I came across this new piece today which seemed to me as a WTF moment. I mean, have men become so lazy that taking care of one’s business is being outsourced. Then again, just about 6 years ago, I wrote a blog entry about having sex with robots. Click here to read it. This lead me to believe that this was beginning of fulfilling the idea of having sex with robots. Granted, there are real dolls that can satisfy a certain itch but if you were able to integrate technology into a real doll, this would make it a full automaton. Think about the business opportunities for this new market and well as supply the needs of those who need this type of companionship. Sure, many would think this is wrong on so many levels but imagine those lives who are not able to have physical contact because of a physical or mental disability. Having sex is one of our primary needs next to clothing, food, and shelter.

On a fanboy side, the fantasy of being with a gynoid does have certain alluring qualities. Who has not imagine what it would be like to be with 7of9 from Star Trek: Voyage or Six from Battlestar Galactica? (notice how I left out Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons. She doesn’t do it for me as she has a little extra battery junk in her trunk.)


Could it be possible to have our innermost wishes to be with someone who looked like one of these or create one that looked like your high school sweetheart, or the girl who got away, or even a co-worker? There will me many ethical questions down to consider but the future is coming sooner than you think and there’s no beating that.

Who is down for a robotic handy? A sex simulator has debuted in Japan that can offer just that! It appears as if you could be firing your hand in the future!

According to Buzzfeed, the device works as follows:

The device attaches a Novint Falcon—a grip-based, haptic controller—to a Tenga, a Japanese industrial masturbator. Used as intended, the user would insert his penis into the Tenga, which would be manipulated by the Falcon. All the while the user views on his Oculus some sort of visual stimulation synced to the movement of the hybrid Falcon/Tenga.

via Coming to the Future, Robot Handjobs [VIDEO].

Video may be considered NSFW.

doctor_who_s06e10_the_girl_who_waited_024Remember, the handy you get from a robot is a kindness. (please tell me you get this reference?)