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This is a brand segment to The Monster Scifi Show called “Versus”.

The premise is to talk about and compared the original movie or work versus the remake or updated version. Does the original work still work today? Does the remake outshine the original? I’ll compare the the directors, the actors, the stories, and the music. Which movie will reign supreme?


Over the holidays, things were getting bleak with Pacific Rim 2 because nothing was happening. There was news about Guillermo Del Toro making a series for Netflix, ok great. Next I heard he was going to be doing a remake of The Fantastic Voyage. This got me worried because prior to this, Pacific Rim 2 was not dead according to Del Torro and the hold up was the budget. Of course, the sequel film would have to be done with lesser money but that was ok because internationally, Pacific Rim did extremely well overseas. The movie overall did $400 million but of that $100 million was domestic. This barely covered the cost of making the film in the first place. Still, when Godzilla came out afterwards, this helped the idea that Pacific Rim 2 could still be a viable option for the studio. That is until Crimson Peak came and went despite Del Torro directing this movie. $55 million to make it and just half was made back in sales but that means nothing when you factor the marketing cost. Pacific Rim 2 was moved off the calendar and that was that.

Flash forward to this deal, The Wanda Group bought Legendary for the reason their movies work better overseas. Does this mean Pacific Rim 2 is back in play? It just might be the saving grace we need for a sequel. Granted, the idea of future Pacific Rim sequels was possibly to tie in with Godzilla. However, the more realistic tie in with Godzilla would be with King Kong. Still, weather we get Godzilla fighting Jaegers or not, I just want to see more Pacific Rim stories. Yes, the breach is closed but anything can happen and nothing lasts forever. Fingers cross on the Wanda Group to make this happen.

BEIJING (AP) — Wanda Group said Tuesday it is buying Hollywood’s Legendary Entertainment, the maker of films such as “Batman,” for $3.5 billion in the first Chinese acquisition of a major U.S. film company.

Wanda, whose chairman, Wang Jianlin, is one of China’s richest businesspeople, has expanded rapidly into the film industry. It bought the U.S. cinema chain AMC in 2012 and is developing an $8 billion studio complex in eastern China.

Source: China’s Wanda buys Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion – Yahoo Finance


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For this week’s podcast:

March 2, 1933 is the anniversary for the original King Kong premiere at Radio City Music Hall. I am planning on a special King Kong podcast. I will be discussing, comparing, ranting, and raving about one one my favorite classic monster movies of all times. In addition, I want to hear from you. What are your memories of this big furry ape and yes, I will include this in the podcast so don’t miss you chance to be a part of this special Monster Scifi Show Podcast.

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