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Do you hear what the Monsters is cooking? Why it’s another dose of my weekly Scifi News podcast on your plate. Hmmm, you can almost smell the char on this show. Yes, none of this makes any sense but what were the “BIG” 3 topics for last week:



Jar Jar is the key to all this.” George Lucas

If you remember watching this ad for Sprite, then you’ll understand the crux of this article.

Yes, businesses are in the business to make money and there is no disputing the brand value of Star Wars. But Disney, just chill and relax. I’ll be there with my family and friends waiting on long lines to give you my money; I have no problems with that. So please rest assured that when that movie comes out, you get what you paid for and then some. However, please don’t think for a moment that creating this Phantom Menace deadline of May 2015 is going to make for a better product. If you rush this and give us crap, you will get what you paid for and that will be not my money.

Over the week, I was surprised to learn to hear J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan to take over the scriptwriting duties from Michael Arndt. Not that this isn’t great news of itself but the timetable to get this written, re-written and go to film, edit and get out by May 2015, in my opinion, is unworkable. I want my next Star Wars movie experience to have the same impact on my kids as it did with me back in 1977. Though this may not be possible seen they have just about seen all the movies, still the hope is there to have a wonderful experience. I want to leave the movie theater flying high and not doing a facepalm saying, “Why did they bring back Jar Jar?” Do it right, Disney, do it right.

On pretty much the one-year anniversary of the day Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion, we’re getting confirmation via The Hollywood Reporter of some of the behind-the-scenes struggles that have been rumored regarding the next Star Wars film. The short version is that the creative minds behind the film (producer Kathleen Kennedy, and to a lesser extent director J.J. Abrams) preferring to push the film into summer 2016 while Disney CEO Bob Iger remains firm that the film come out for summer 2015. But at what cost?

This is an almost comically stereotypical battle between art and commerce, with the “artists” wanting the most time possible to make the best film possible while the business overlords want something to release over summer 2015 (presumably the mid-May weekend before Memorial Day weekend) damn the long term consequences. Abrams is said to be more on board with the firm 2015, with allegations of him taking more control over the process, but I’d frankly argue that he knows that he will be the one to take the fall should this new Stars Wars film prove an artistic disappointment.

via Will Disney Sacrifice ‘Star Wars’ Films For ‘Star Wars’ Toys? – Forbes.