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Sorry for the delay but here’s your Scifi News for March 17.



christopher reeve as superman

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Christopher Reeve passing. Still to this day, Christopher remains not only many people’s favorite Superman but THE quintessential Superman. There is an honesty and purity Christopher brought to this role. Having watched Superman The Movie countless of times, I still love the scene where Lois is interviewing Superman before their flying time in the sky. He is a bit pensive at first by the line of questions but he ends the discussion about never telling a lie. That line blew me away. In an age of heavy skepticism, you still believe him after all these years. He is honor bound by his word.

Those who remember the movie, Lex put on Superman a kryptonite chain which he could not escape. Ms. Teschmacher saved Superman by insisting that he save her mother in Teaneck, New Jersey. While he could have chased the other missile heading towards California, Superman kept his word. That is a trait that I’ve admired in Reeve’s portrayal and have tried to live so. We could use more people like him in our world today.

Over the years, there have been many other versions of Superman including last year’s Man of Steel by Henry Cavill. Some say that newer incarnations fail rivals Reeve’s more optimistic tone. I’ll give you that but Superman needs to adapt to the times we are in to stay relevant. Still, Cavill’s Superman channeled Reeve’s Superman for extra help in one scene that is amazing.

reeve cavill

This brings me to this point, I am by no account a Superman but if I tell you something that I am going to do for you or myself, I will do it. Sometimes keeping that promise requires the strength of Superman. When I’m running, I am blasting the Man of Steel soundtrack and remembering the shot above so I too can channel the strength of Superman. This may sound weird but when you believe in something so strongly positive things can happen.

One of those positive things came to me last year when I spoke in front of the Miami Dade County Commissioners for saving my library. While I used a Star Trek 2 line of dialogue about the needs of the many… I was wearing a Superman t-shirt underneath the shirt I was wearing. The image below is the design that I wore. I love this shirt. My voice was part of a larger chorus that help save our library system but believing in a Superman and finally myself led me to believe in myself even more.

superman tshirt

Yes, Superman does not exist but once actor made me believe in one. If we all believe in the symbol that Superman represents imagine what we can do to help this ourselves, those around us and the world. I can not think of a better time for the world to have a Superman. Thank you, Christopher.

WOW! I can not believe it has been 40 years since the Super Friends first aired on tv. While the storytelling was a bit clunky, I still loved watching them every Saturday morning with my bowl of cereal and in the tents/fortresses I built. I had recently watched on dvd several episodes of The Challenge of the Super Friends which was amazing for all the amount of heroes and villains to showcase at that time. I thought of it as the movie version of the Avengers for its time; yes it was that exciting. This was at least more in keeping with the comics that I was reading at the time.

As the seasons progressed, I had always wondered by Wendy, Marvin and Wonderdog was later replaced by Zan, Jayna, and Gleek. While the wonder twins were okay, I just cringed by the notion than Zan’s water based powers were lame. I mean at least Aquaman can talk to fish and other sea creatures which is something Zan can not do. Even Cartoon Network joked years back about the same thing. The quick animated short had Zan talking about his water powers and how he could be taking out by a sponge and it didn’t have to be an evil sponge to boot. Still, with all the faults, I still watch it today when I get the chance.

We don’t know for sure what the title of the upcoming Batman-, Superman- and Ben Affleck-populated “Man of Steel” sequel will be. But we’re pretty sure what it won’t be. It won’t be “Super Friends.”

“Super Friends,” for those having a senior-geek moment, was the name of the Saturday morning cartoon series which celebrates its 40th anniversary on Sunday. The show drew on the then-biggest names in the DC Comics universe, and, also, yes, introducing “bumbling idiots” Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog, and later the equally reviled Jan, Jayna, and Gleek. It was lesson-dispensing, teamwork-praising, and, for a time, the only superhero game in town for impressionable Generation X-era viewers.

via How Batman and Superman Stopped Being ‘Super Friends’ – Yahoo! TV.

SFA Episode 1 ~ The Power Pirate (Super Sized Premiere) from Michael Stokes on Vimeo.


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No Luther or kryponite
Destruction galore

Some time last week, I commented on a blog that had certain questions about Superman. While I was able to answer some of the questions like how is he able to shave or cut his har, I was reminded of a great piece by Larry Niven called Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. I read this in a great collection of short stories edited by Ellen Datlow called Alien Sex. If you get a chance to read Larry’s piece or the Alien Sex book, let me know what you think.