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Lo and behold, my review for Kong Skull Island has arrived. My lovely wife joined me for this podcast, which again, she will never listen to. Still, it’s clear that she likes to nerd out on things just like I do.

Here’s your warning, if you haven’t seen Kong Skull Island, proceed no further. You are about to tread spoilers on this podcast.



XFiles cover season 10

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dr cumberbatch

One of the things I try to do is before I get all nerded out on casting news is to verify if it has been confirmed. While I love using IMDB, I was still dumbfounded but as to why, I felt, there was no official word from Marvel about Benedict playing Dr.Strange. Sure, we have the official release of the MCU lineup for the next several years but not everything has been confirmed.

The worry that I have with MCU is the already committed movies when there is neither an actor/actress, cast, director, or even a screenwriter attached to the project. Yet, we have an assembly line of sorts for the MCU and I feel they will bang this movies out without much concern to get it right.  Yes, MCU has a great record of treating their Marvel properties with great care… so far. Like with any company, there are bound to be clunkers along the way. A perfect example is Pixar and their strong commitment on telling on a good story. Toys Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and others were perfectly done which made Pixar a household name. However, I think the chink in the armor came with Cars. I felt no connection to anyone or anything which was odd for me loving Pixar. The movie felt a bit flat with me as I did not have the same love of cars or road trips across America as John Lasseter discuss in making Cars. No big deal as not everything is going to connect with every movie goer. Ratatouille was the next film and was better than Cars but the really winners for Pixar were Wall-E, Up, and Toy Story 3. These movies were Pixar at its best but then Cars 2, Brave, and Monster’s University have made Pixar dip even lower than my feelings for Cars. This goes to prove the point, no one and no company is without failure. MCU is going like gangbusters especially after Guardians of the Galaxy was released over the summer but can they avoid the same pitfalls as Pixar? I’ve already seen the chink in the armor for the MCU. Thor 2 was not for me and a complete wasted effort on the acting talent since the first movie was absolute well executed. On that note, my podcast partner felt lukewarm about Captain America 2. We also split on Iron Man 3 where I liked it and he did not. Still we both enjoy watch MCU regardless.

As for Benedict not knowing anything about this Dr.Strange project is a bit worrisome. We’ve seen issues like with Edgar Wright ultimately leaving the Ant Man movie nearly derail the project. Sure, the movie is on track but this may be a sign of further things to come. What I’m trying to say is that sure Benedict may be the ideal person for the role and for argument sake what if he declines it? Who else are you going to get? Yes, there are plenty of actors that are unknown that would love this chance but I  don’t want to see those behind the MCU group have Johnny Bravo mentality. Now, the Johnny Bravo I’m referring to is not the animated series on Cartoon Network but from the Brady Bunch. Greg wanted to be a singing artist and discovered by a music producer. In the end it wasn’t about the talent or the passion for music that Greg had but rather he simply fit the suit. Check out the clip below to see my point.

The MCU Phase 3 is going to be ambitious schedule to keep up. They do need ensure quality in their films remains paramount. I’m expecting MCU to have a home run hit every single the movies need to be enjoyable and entertainment for us fans.

According to Comic Book Movie on Saturday, actor Benedict Cumberbatch was in a short interview during the Hollywood Film Awards on the red carpet. There was a brief stint of a code breaking in lieu of Cumberbatch’s new “Imitation Game” movie and also question asked about him playing Doctor Strange. Cumberbatch said he knew nothing of the sort and even asked the reporter if even he knew. Of course, as a nod to “The Imitation Game’s” World War 2 genre, there could have also been a reference to “Hogan Heroes'” Sergeant Shultz’s “I know nothing!” to being a super hero.

via Benedict Cumberbatch claims he knows nothing of being ‘Doctor Strange’ – Orlando Geek Culture |

My co-worker Edward had been telling for months that something was coming about another Godzilla movie/series. Yesterday, he confirmed the news and I couldn’t be more excited. Those who have followed my blog/podcast will know how much of a Godzilla fan I am. I am all gung-ho for another Godzilla showing, however, I have this reservation.

With any re-boot, we are treated to an origin story. As with the Godzilla lore, we know he was created by a nuclear explosion. Are we going to see a different version to make more current topic ie. The Day the Earth Stood Still? Second, I want monsters fighting – monster on monster action – hardcore. What I don’t want to see is a single monster – Godzilla – stompin’ around, knocking down buildings, and burning things; seen that done that. We know that when we break out the military in every movie, we suck at stopping ‘zilla, boring like 1985 boring. What I would love is to see a new creature to fight the big G. I’m tired of seeing Mothra and King Gidorrah. While they are part of the Godzilla culture but enough is enough. Either get something new, update a past creature like the Smog Monster or bring back my favorite Jet Jaguar.

How do you feel on this matter?

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By Hugh Hart March 29, 2010  |  3:26 pm  |  Categories: Movies

Godzilla is coming back. Legendary Pictures, which partnered with Warner Bros. on The Dark Knight, 300 and The Hangover, announced Monday that it will produce yet another monster movie based on Japan’s famous mutant.

Since 1954, the Toho Company’s Godzilla franchise has spawned 28 movies, including 2012 director Roland Emmerich’s notorious 1998 adaptation.

Hideyuki Takai, president of Toho, said in a release: “We are anxious to find out where Godzilla’s new stomping will take us.”

via New Godzilla Movie Will Reboot Franchise — Again | Underwire |

March 2, 1933 is the anniversary for the original King Kong premiere at Radio City Music Hall. I am planning on a special King Kong podcast. I will be discussing, comparing, ranting, and raving about one one my favorite classic monster movies of all times. In addition, I want to hear from you. What are your memories of this big furry ape and yes, I will include this in the podcast so don’t miss you chance to be a part of this special Monster Scifi Show Podcast.

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