The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – X-Men Apocalypse

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Mutant and Proud to quote Mystique. Gene and I are back to give our thoughts to the X-Men movie: X-Men Apocalypse. As always, this podcast will be filled with spoilers so YE be warned.

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News For 2/10/2016


SCIFI NEWS FOR THIS WEEK IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!! Right as I was going to record my show, there was news about a new Battlestar Galactica movie for the big screen. Being a BSG fan, I had to throw in my two cents on the matter.

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Olivia Munn’s Iron Man 2 Scenes Should’ve Stayed on the Cutting Room Floor – Techland –

The latest news I heard yesterday was the re-shoot of Olivia’s scenes in the next Iron Man movie. From the blog entry below, a similar sentiment was voiced about Olivia’s acting skills. As I’ve mentioned before, I think she has great comedic timing for G4TV but acting on the big screen is a different ballgame.

By no means am I anyone to tell someone how they should act but it is one of those things that once you see it you know. Taking for example, Sofia Coppola in Godfather 3. I had heard all the rumors about this disaster and once I saw this for myself, OY was it hard to watch. Now, Sofia is a terrific director/writer in her own right but acting in front of the camera may not the best option. The same can be said with Olivia but I am more than willing to give her a chance to do something more than what she is currently doing. Now, having said all this, the whole notion of recasting her seems to be something more of a bad sign. It is one thing to do a reshoot  to change certain scene ala give Shatner more to do in Star Trek: Generations but to recast the role at this stage of the game is worrisome. Regardless, I still will see Iron Man 2.

‘Nuff said.

Olivia Munn’s Iron Man 2 Scenes Should’ve Stayed on the Cutting Room Floor

By Allie Townsend on March 24, 2010

Oh, Olivia Munn, you’ve come such a long way since your deep portrayal of Girl #1 in Scarecrow Gone Wild.

Now you’re pushing 30 and licking gadgets for a living on the G4 Network. Good for you. But stay the hell out of my summer entertainment plans.

Recap: Munn was given a small role in the upcoming Iron Man 2, but her scenes were cut because she can’t act the directors were going in a “darker direction.” Sadly, my rejoice only lasted a second as they recast her in a different role. (Dear Marvel Studios, Why!?) So who does she play? Previously, rumors pointed to The Scarlet Witch, but to be frank, it doesn’t matter. Let’s be honest, she’s there to be barely dressed for a few moments, and to provide Maxim with a cover opportunity with an Iron Man peg.

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Egotastic! – Olivia Munn in a Bikini, Riding a Unicorn: Hot, Funny, Complex

So the other day, I had a dream about the lovely Olivia Munn and no, it was not one of those dreams. Rather, I dreamed that a few friends of mine were going to star in the next Spiderman movie. I was all psyched because I was going to interview them for my podcast. To add to the dream, I was going to fly everyone to NY on my plane and Olivia was going to meet up with me. While I was excited on a numerous levels, Munn being one of them, my podcast has been neglected for some time. The last time I did my podcast was back on August 2009. I’ve been struggling to finish school and last semester was a killer taking three classes, working full time, and raising a family. This semester, I have one less class but all the demands on my is still on me. I had to turn down an opportunity to be on terrestrial radio which I really hated to do. I’m pushing myself to promote my podcast on Facebook which you can join my Fan Page. I am hoping to be more engaging in my passion amongst everything else. In the meantime, there are more pics of Olivia over at Egotastic. Follow the link below.

Aaaaand, Olivia Munn does it again. This time, not only do we have some very hot pictures of Olivia Munn in a bikini, but she’s also riding a cartoon Unicorn, and hanging out with other animated woodland creatures. Oh, and being swallowed whole by a snake, with nothing but her sexy legs sticking out. I laughed my fucking ass off when I saw that one. Good job, Munn. Good job.

via Egotastic! – Olivia Munn in a Bikini, Riding a Unicorn: Hot, Funny, Complex.

Olivia Munn Rumored as Iron Man 2’s Scarlet Witch – Techland –

And Iron Man’s Scarlet Witch Is…

By Allie Townsend on March 8, 2010

Olivia Munn!

According to AceShowBiz, 29-year-old Munn (G4 Network) will portray marvel’s Scarlet Witch in the upcoming Iron Man 2 flick. I don’t know much about Munn, except for that when I Googled her all I saw was her backside and her make outs with women … which means she’ll be perfect for the part

via Olivia Munn Rumored as Iron Man 2’s Scarlet Witch – Techland –

This begs the question, if the rumor is true, do you buy Olivia Munn as the Scarlett Witch? In case you need some more information about the Scarlett Witch, click here. Those who read my blog will know that I am big Olivia Munn fan and love her parody acting skills, I’m not sure how good of an actress Munn can be. While there are many versions of the Witch over the years, I’ve never seen this pic above. Having said this, there is no way Munn can compare to this Witch version but then again, I am looking at the costume or lack thereof. With many of the comic book movies, many of the comic book characters’ costumes seem to work on a printed medium but fail to translate to the silver screen. Part of the reason is to have some type of grounded reality with the costume being  functional rather than stylish. Honestly, I want the costume above in the movie but it will never happen. What are your thoughts about Munn as a possible Scarlett Witch? In the meantime, if you’ve missed the new Iron Man 2 trailer as seen after the Oscars, where is your chance to see it.

Feature Trailer for Iron Man 2

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