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Here is another spoiler filled podcast review of Spider-man Homecoming from a couple of lovable webheads, the Monster and Mr. Gene.

Is this the best Spider-man of all times? How does Tom Holland stack against Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield? Do you prefer organic web-shooters over the cartridge web-shooters? How many more questions are you willing to read before you listen to this great podcast? One? Two? Just stop reading, ok? HAHAHA, that was another question you read.



Even the cast involved offered surprisingly honest disapproval: Mickey Rourke lamented that Marvel worked hard against any of his attempts to make more of his character than ‘a clichéd, evil bad guy’, Jon Favreau flat out declined to direct the third part of the franchise and even Robert Downey, Jr. could find only one positive thing to say about Iron Man 2: ‘At least they lit me right….’.

So we might take comfort in Robert Downey Jr.’s words of hope concerning the quality of Iron Man 3.

‘I think that we have an opportunity with the third Iron Man to make the best of the three, and maybe one of the better superhero movies that’s ever been made.’

Although that sounds good, come to think of it, you always have the ‘opportunity’ to make your next film one of the ‘better’ ones of all time. Even Paranormal Activity 4 does. It is just not highly probable that you do!

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I want to say that the summer movie season officially begins with Iron Man 2. Frankly, the remaining summer months are not as high with expectations that I have with Iron Man 2. I can now say, that the summer movie season is now over for me. Before you start to think that this is some type of praise for ol’ shellhead, it’s not. To be blunt, I can’t wait until Iron Man 3 so they can get this damn movie right. Did anyone not see Spiderman 3 or Batman Forever and learned the lessons of such superhero disasters? Apparently not.

Let us begin with the obvious problems of adding War Machine into the mix this early into the Iron Man franchise. Aside from being greatly disappointed with Batman Forever, the mistake was to have two villains and forcing Robin to join the cast. Batman and Robin was even a bigger disaster with the introduction of Batgirl plus the 2+ villains. With Spiderman 3, we have 3 villains with the one of the villains switching sides at the end. Nonetheless, these are prime examples of the what not to do with superhero movies. Since Marvel’s goal is the Avengers movie, Iron Man 2 proves that with too many subplots with multiple characters ruins any storyline.

Before the movie was made, the firing or departure of Terrence Howard and the replacement of Don Cheadle of Rhodey left a sour taste with me. Terrence had a better grasp of the role and played convincingly a friend to Tony Stark. Don is one of my favorite actor but either he was given very little time to establish the friendship or this was role was not worth his time. I want to say it’s 75% of the former and 25% of the latter. So when we see Rhodey/War Machine come to odds with each other and alongside each other, there is no emotional connection that Terrence had in the first one.

The SHIELD subplot in Iron Man 2 was a complete waste of time as we already know from the easter egg at the end of the credits from the first movie was being planned. This seriously dragged on longer than it was needed and while on the subject of SHIELD, the introduction of Scarlett Johansson/Black Widow was another character that should have been put on the back burner. I understand the need to lay down some further ground work for the Avengers movie but this should have been treated as easter egg. Yes, Scarlet looks great for the part and holds her own with action but less would have better.

Mickey Rourke as Whiplash had its moments. The first meeting/fight with Iron Man was probably the best sequence in the entire movie.  However, this movie suffers from the lack of a compelling villain. In Spiderman 2, we are treating to Doc Oct and we see a transformation of a good man into one who does terrible deeds. The Dark Knight, we are treated to a maniacal Joker who had an amazing pencil trick. Both villains were fantastic to watch and made  a true obstacle for the heroes to overcome. So what’s the problem, is it Whiplash or Mickey? It’s Whiplash as this character fails to evoke any true threat to Iron Man. Plus, the final showdown was complete bore. After waiting 1 hour and 40 minutes for this movie to finally unfold, left me pretty pissed off.

What are we left with is Robert Downey as Iron Man. There is nothing with his performance as he had some great moments like at the Senate hearing and the dark undertone of his drinking. Seeing drunk Iron Man does evoke some of the memories I had of ol’ shellhead from the comics I read in the 70’s. I totally understand everyone has their own vices to handle life and for Tony it’s drinking. Out of the all the superhero movies to date, this period of self-doubt and loathing, is probably the most adult issue. My concern how will kids today handle this?

On a side note, the much talked and hyped appearance of Olivia Munn was a real let down. Really, the role that she played was a TV personality – what a stretch.

There is nothing else to go from here except that aside from all these knocks, Iron Man 2 is watchable just not memorable like the first. If the bar was not set so high with the first one, Iron Man 2 would have been at least good.

‘Nuff said.

Really, does anything else needs to be said?

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