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From last night’s College Championship edition of America’s Favorite Quiz Show®, Jeopardy!:

The category was “Graphic Novels,” and The Surrogates shared the column with such titles as The Photographer and Maus.  Young James from Santa Clara University went on to win the evening’s contest, a victory that I like to think Brett Weldele and I contributed to.  An utterly false assumption, of course, but I like to think it anyway.

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In case you missed my podcast interview with Rob, click on the player below:


Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief Trailer – Trailer Addict


I am hoping to do a book talk today during my first library outreach. I have known this book for some time but have not read it…yet. I have noticed how popular this book with kids and even some teens. This book is coming out as a movie next year and is expected to be the next Harry Potter. Oddly enough, the director of the first two Harry Potter films Christopher Columbus is the same director for the Percy Jackson film. The trailer below definitely has the same feel and epic fantasy feel as any Potter films.

In a side note, if you have listened to my podcast with the writer and creator of The Surrogates Robert Venditti, you will be happy to know that he is writing the graphic novel adaptation of the book. I will be catching up with him in 2010 about this latest project as well as his Iron Man one shot Iron Man: Iron Protocols.

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Monster Scifi Show Podcast – The Surrogates with Robert Venditti

surrogates movie posterI really had a great time interviewing writer Robert Venditti of The Surrogates graphic novel the second time around. Aside from the improved audio quality from the first time, there was something which I discovered after the interview and made me very excited. A very popular kids/teens book is called Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is being made in a movie by Christopher Columbus for 2010. Robert is connected to Percy Jackson in which he is adapting this story into a graphic novel. Of course, I will keep you posted on any future details but I will re-re-re-interview Robert closer to the release of this new graphic novel.

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Talkshoe Instructions for Live Surrogates Podcast with Robert Venditti


On August 21 @ 8:00pm Eastern, join me and others to discuss our thoughts on the graphic novel and the upcoming movie with Bruce Willis. Follow some instructions and rules of conduct and you join in on the fun.

  1. Call from any phone from anywhere: +1 724-444-7444. Enter Call ID 22510, and then join the call as a guest by pressing 1#. Best slightly before 8pm.
  2. On your computer, click on this link to get into the chat room
  3. If you followed everything correctly, then your computer screen will look similar to the image below. Your name will appear on the right side of the panel and you have an area to enter text for the chat room which is the last box on the bottom.


If you unable to join us, please feel free to email me your thoughts, comments, and questions about The Surrogates or questions you may have for Robert Venditti:

Please include your name and where you are from so I can read it during the show and also enter you in my giveaway contest for a signed copy of The Surrogates graphic novel.

First Full Trailer for Bruce Willis’ Surrogates | Truly Sexy Nerdy

When you get a chance after watching the new trailer for The Surrogates, click here to listen to a podcast interview I did with the creator of the graphic novel Robert Venditti

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