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Another SPECTACULAR week has come and gone. This FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD podcast will get you caught up in a web on some great scifi news if you missed them. I have my “BIG” 3 topics ready to go because they are AMAZING. Do you see what I did there??? 



I’ve wanted to write about James Bond for a while. A few weeks ago, the internet was blessed with the release of Adele’s Skyfall for the new James Bond. Before I knew Adele was attached to the theme song, there was song called “Rumor Has It,” she did from her 21 album. When I listened to it, I knew she had great potential for a Bond song ala Shirley Bassey (and that’s a tough act to follow). At the 2:21 mark of Rumor Has It, the music and tempo switches to a slower beat and then she utters the line, “All these words whispered…”, this harkened me the days of Carly Simon and her song “Nobody Does it Better,” from The Spy Who Loved Me. And then, oddly enough Adele gets her own James Bond song.

After watching the video several times, I’m okay with it and I was glad to hear the little James Bond theme riff in the music. Having said this, the last two Bond songs, “You Know My Name,” by Chris Cornell and “Another Way to Die” By Alicia Keys and Jack White where interesting to listen to but for some reason, when a James Bond song does not include the name of the movie in the song itself, I’m somewhat missing it. Hell, A-ha managed to sing The Living Daylights in their song and in A-ha fashion made this one of my all time favorites. Now, I’m not saying that this trend has to continue but I just feel that there’s a stronger connection between the song and movie which binds them both good and bad.

Going back to Adele, the opening line is, “This is the end,” which I’m hoping is code for Daniel Craig‘s last outing as James Bond. If you have read my blog before on this subject, you’ll know my dislike for Craig’s Bond. For some unknown reason both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace justified another Bond movie with Craig. While I was sad to see Pierce Brosnan no longer with the Bond franchise, I was very happy with the replacement after I saw Layer Cake. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it as I saw Daniel Craig as James Bond which I thought I would see in the movies when Daniel took over. For example, just like when I saw the original The Saint, (not the Val Kilmer crap) with Roger Moore I could see the 007 role. There wasn’t much of a change with Moore from The Saint to James Bond. An yet, Daniel performance was totally lackluster from Layer Cake to Casino Royale. Except for one or two scenes of action, which I admit were great, I enjoyed him more getting hit in the balls in Quantum of Solace. Payback sucks, Craig. Where’s my Bond?!? Skyfall on the surface appears to be another slick bond production and I am willing to see it in the theaters but if this fails to deliver to my expectations, I will start a campaign to get rid of Craig as Bond. I am all for different actors to bring something unique and new to the role but Craig has gone through the motion and not delivered the goods.