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A bevy of information of current shows either being renewed, canceled or new shows being ordered will be addressed in the tidbits of news for this week. I like that word, bevy. This makes me sound more erudite. You know more smart; stoopid.

Now that I established my superior mind, what are the “BIG” 3 scifi news topics:



Submitted by Brendon Connelly on March 3, 2011 – 4:18 am (0) comments

Lionsgate have released this “motion poster” for their imminent, converted-to-3D Conan movie. Just look at that big hunk of Cimmerian beef. He doesn’t even twitch (unless his face is spasming under all that hair).

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I saw the non moving motion poster and thought is was kinda cool. Now, if you have not heard about the new Conan movie, you are not alone. I love the original with Ar-Nold but I’m not sure about the remake. In any case, it will be here in the summer. As a bonus, I interviewed comic book illustrator Ralph Cabrera who work on the Conan books. Take a listen to this podcast and get his take on the new Conan.


I haven’t seen too much about this movie  and this poster seems like knock off Serenity-like movie (Reavers). The five minute preview is interesting to watch from an eye candy p.o.v. but the trailer does a better job in telling the story about Mutant Chronicles film.

In the year 2707, war rages between earth’s four giant corporations as they battle over the planet’s dwindling resources. In an era marked by warfare and social regression, the earth is on the verge of ruin, destruction is everywhere; battles explode on every ravaged continent.

Amidst heavy combat, an errant shell shatters an ancient buried seal releasing a horrific mutant army from its eternal prison deep within the earth. As the mutant scourge threatens human extinction, a single squad of soldiers descends into the earth to fulfill the ages-old prophesy of the MUTANT CHRONICLES and save mankind.

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