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Lo and behold, my review for Kong Skull Island has arrived. My lovely wife joined me for this podcast, which again, she will never listen to. Still, it’s clear that she likes to nerd out on things just like I do.

Here’s your warning, if you haven’t seen Kong Skull Island, proceed no further. You are about to tread spoilers on this podcast.




HUZZAH!!! Mr. Gene and I are back once more to do another podcast. This outing is about the movie Kingsman The Secret Service.

Jumper Trailer – TOTAL UTTER COMPLETE NERDGASM « Darkly Dreaming Davidjumper-desktop.jpg

I was looking around other blogs and saw this trailer for Jumper. I must have been living under a rock but I heard nothing about this. From the looks of the trailer, I am really eager to see this as 2008 is shapely up to be one HELL of a movie year for Scifi/Fantasy fans. All I can say is this movie feels like what Heroes: Origins could be if it went to the big screen. Go to the link above, see the trailer, and go over the official website. Let me know what you think.