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This past week we had 3 DC shows air their season finales.

  • Supergirl – Nevertheless, She Persisted
  • The Flash – Finish Line
  • Arrow – Lian Yu



Heroes Season 2 Finale

Posted: December 3, 2007 in Scifi
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All I can say is DO OVER! What a piece of crap for this season and for the finale. This makes season one look like Citizen Kane. If you had noticed I had stopped doing episode reviews for Heroes once I knew the season was going to be cut extremely short. I still stuck it through till the end and I am more pissed about how this ended. My friend Gene went so far to argue with his girlfriend that it was impossible for Hiro to jump out of time again when he fought against Peter. I would add, that if time and space are constant forces….WHAT AM I DOING? THE SHOWS FREAKIN’ OVER AND IT SUCKED. I WANT A LETTER OF APOLOGY FROM THE CREATOR OF THE SHOW AND ONE NIGHT WITH THE CHEERLEADER TO MAKE THIS ANGRY FEELING GO AWAY.

How about you? What are your thoughts, comments, and critical analysis of…. I’M DOING IT AGAIN, OH GOD THE PAIN…must think of happier times… : (