So, Do I Look Like Adam Driver Or Does Adam Driver Look Like Me?

I’ve done many separated at birth postings on my blog. In a strange twist, I’ve become the subject of my posting. 

Now, a long time ago but not in a galaxy far far away, I had hair. Lots of hair. Still, I looked more Latin and had that thin mustache that took forever to grow. So seeing this picture of Adam Driver, Kylo Ren from Star Wars The Force Awakens, he too has that thin moustache as well. 

So, Do I Look Like Adam Driver Or Does Adam Driver Look Like Me? Or maybe I should add Fez from That 70’s Show to the mix?


Separated @ Birth… Scifi Style Part 17

Okay, it’s been a while since I did a separated @ birth posting but with the 4th of July coming up I thought this would kinda make sense. So, what does the pre-White House and pre-Death Star have in common… well nothing. Nothing except for this fact while watching HBO’s John Adams with Paul Giamatti. During this mini-series, Adams was elected as the 3rd President of the United States. The White House was being constructed and when we see this image, I felt like I was watching the construction of the Death Star in Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith.

You may say that this is a stretch but I strongly encourage you to watch John Adams if you haven’t done so. While this is a non-scifi programming, we do get Paul who is an incredible and one of my favorite actors. If you know Paul’s career like I do, we can see him in Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes which Paul was a treat to watch. He voice the character of Tim the Gate Guard in the funny Robots film with Ewan MacGregor. (You see the connection? Thank me and Six Degrees of Separation.) And finally, he was Inspector Uhl in The Illusionist with Ed Norton (The Incredible Hulk). (Soundtrack fans check out Phillip Glass’s score –  top-notch.)

Going back to the John Adams series and the 4th of July there is a special connection which I had no idea. At the end of Adams life, he died on the 4th of July 50 years after America gained its independence. An even more wow moment is that Thomas Jefferson, a friend of Adams, also died on the same day. With all this great bit of info, you need to go watch John Adams over the 4th of July weekend. Again not scifi but still great entertainment. Below, I’ve included a YouTube clip showing the visual effects from the series. I was floored watching the video and so will you.

Separated @ Birth… Scifi Style Part 16

nina and star and basket caseAs my son is turning three next week, as any parent of a toddler, your early nights are nothing but watching Sprout. I’ve always been crept out by star because of his… star shape. His smallish, squashed size with his human like hands reminded me of a creature from a horror movie I saw a long time ago. You extra geek points if you guessed the creature on the right as seen in the movie Basket Case. This story involves Duane Brady and his deformed brother Belial who separated and sought revenge on the doctors who performed the surgery. This is a very campy and dark little horror movie but I highly recommend this to you.

Separated @ Birth… Scifi Style Part 15


While digging through my hotmail, I found an old email from 2006 in which I compared The Breakfast Club to the Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. I think you will agree that the comparison is very spot on.
Robin – John Bender/Judd Nelson – Both rebels and leaders 
Cyborg – Andrew ‘Andy’ Clark/Emilio Estevez – Both are the jocks and the muscle 
Raven – Allison Reynolds/Ally Sheedy – Both are moody and removed from the group 
Starfire – Claire Standish/Molly Ringwald – Both are princesses and clueless 
Beast Boy – Brian Ralph Johnson/ Anthony Michael Hall – Both are geeks and dorks
In the comics, Robin and Starfire/John and Claire – Cyborg and Raven/Andrew and Allison – all couples are interested in each other. Beast Boy and Brian are alone. 

Separated @ Birth… Scifi Style Part 14

jackie-earle-haley-and-vic-holtermanWhile out today, I checked my Facebook app on my iPhone and saw this uncanny resemblence. Those who saw Watchmen will recognize the guy on the right Jackie Earle Haley who played Roshchach. The guy on the right is Vic Holtreman who not only watched the movie but more importantly runs the Screenrant website. If you get a chance, click here to view his site. Also, click here to see what new project might be in the works for Jackie. If like what you see let Vic know and tell him that the Monster sent ya!