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Another Scifi News Podcast is here for your listening enjoyment. As always, what are the “BIG” 3 topics I’ll be talking about:




While digging through my hotmail, I found an old email from 2006 in which I compared The Breakfast Club to the Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. I think you will agree that the comparison is very spot on.
Robin – John Bender/Judd Nelson – Both rebels and leaders 
Cyborg – Andrew ‘Andy’ Clark/Emilio Estevez – Both are the jocks and the muscle 
Raven – Allison Reynolds/Ally Sheedy – Both are moody and removed from the group 
Starfire – Claire Standish/Molly Ringwald – Both are princesses and clueless 
Beast Boy – Brian Ralph Johnson/ Anthony Michael Hall – Both are geeks and dorks
In the comics, Robin and Starfire/John and Claire – Cyborg and Raven/Andrew and Allison – all couples are interested in each other. Beast Boy and Brian are alone. 


I happened to be listening to NPR last friday where there was a piece about the United Nations (U.N.) plan to use Marvel superheroes to help bolster their image. Two thoughts that came to mind; one of which had an eerie sense of timing. At the library, I checked out the Road to Civil War graphic novel. I have not read anything books about the Civil War story arc but I was familiar enough with it to be interested in reading it. The book starts off with Iron Man who brought together a small group of heroes together, Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, Thunderbolt, Namor, Professor X, and Black Panther who hosted the meeting on his land.