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Your eyes or rather your ears will not deceive you. This is indeed another Scifi News podcast from right at you. Let’s just cut to the chase. What are the “BIG” 3 Scifi News items for this week:



Another Scifi News Podcast is here for your listening enjoyment. As always, what are the “BIG” 3 topics I’ll be talking about:



While digging through my hotmail, I found an old email from 2006 in which I compared The Breakfast Club to the Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. I think you will agree that the comparison is very spot on.
Robin – John Bender/Judd Nelson – Both rebels and leaders 
Cyborg – Andrew ‘Andy’ Clark/Emilio Estevez – Both are the jocks and the muscle 
Raven – Allison Reynolds/Ally Sheedy – Both are moody and removed from the group 
Starfire – Claire Standish/Molly Ringwald – Both are princesses and clueless 
Beast Boy – Brian Ralph Johnson/ Anthony Michael Hall – Both are geeks and dorks
In the comics, Robin and Starfire/John and Claire – Cyborg and Raven/Andrew and Allison – all couples are interested in each other. Beast Boy and Brian are alone. 


I happened to be listening to NPR last friday where there was a piece about the United Nations (U.N.) plan to use Marvel superheroes to help bolster their image. Two thoughts that came to mind; one of which had an eerie sense of timing. At the library, I checked out the Road to Civil War graphic novel. I have not read anything books about the Civil War story arc but I was familiar enough with it to be interested in reading it. The book starts off with Iron Man who brought together a small group of heroes together, Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, Thunderbolt, Namor, Professor X, and Black Panther who hosted the meeting on his land.