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Google has confirmed that it is working on augmented reality glasses which one day might let you send instant messages, get directions, snap photos and more from a clear display over your eye.

Don’t you just love it when science fiction becomes science fact? I know that I go ga-ga for future tech but this has got to be one of the coolest things to look forward to. However, the problems lies, how can they overcome areas where you can’t get a signal? Or worse, how much are the data plans going to cost us all? With AT&T bandwidth throttling with current smartphones, I can only imagine the complications users will face.

Looking over the video, which is clever, I have two issues: how will this work if you have glasses? Does this replace your specs or do you have to wear them over your regular glasses like those stupid 3D glasses? 2nd – Since the video showed a “Facetime” like phone call, how can the person see your face if the video feed shows what the glases are seeing? Which leads into this thought, video piracy. Are theaters going to stop people from wearing glasses fearing that the movie can be recorded? It does remind me of the special contact lenses as seen in Torchwood.

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Starz remains mum on whether it will be a part of the show’s future

by MICHAEL HINMAN, posted Oct-31-2011 Source: Digital Spy

Kelsey Grammer was just two episodes in on his series “Boss” when Starz excitedly hit the start button for a second season. But when it comes with “Torchwood,” all that can be heard from the premium cable channel is silence.

And fans of the “Doctor Who” spinoff might not be able to expect more than that.

“I don’t know if there will be more,” Executive ProducerJulie Gardner recently told Digital Spy. “The things about there being more or not — you look at ‘Torchwood’ and it’s always had such a labyrinthine history.”

“Torchwood” premiered in 2006 on BBC Three, and earned a second season that moved it to BBC Two. For the third season, however, BBC opted to dispense with a full season, and instead do a five-episode miniseries that aired on consecutive nights on BBC One to critical acclaim in 2009.

The series then went dark for a couple of years while BBC looked for an American producing partner. The Fox network was first onboard, but then bailed on the project before Starz stepped in to produce 10 episodes.

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I am not surprised to hear this news. I as well as many other fans of Torchwood where left wondering – WTF. After watching Series 3 – Children of Earth, which is amazing, how could Torchwood top itself? Apparently, Series 4 could barely scratch the surface of what made the series great in the first place let alone surpass the high bar they set themselves on Children of Earth. I believe the American-izing of this BBC show was the first mistake. I know that the story premise needed to have a global perspective but in doing so, it lost the very essence of what make Torchwood fun to watch. The old Torchwood crew of Jack and Gwen had the old chemistry but it was not enough to gel the newest members Rex and Esther into the fold. I miss the old gang: Suzie, Ianto, Owen and Toshiko.

‘Torchwood’ gets new title: ‘The New World’ (via Erth Station One)

I need to get crackin’ on re-watching Torchwood for my podcast. I am extremely happy with the news of the continuation of this great series from across the pond.

Question: What do Torchwood fans came themselves? Star Trek has Trekkies/Trekkers. Is Torchies/Torchers correct for Torchwood?

‘Torchwood’ gets new title: ‘The New World’ News sources at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Press Tour are reporting that the forthcoming fourth series of Torchwood will carry the title Torchwood: The New World. A post from The Hollywood Reporter gives details of the series’ new characters and quotes from Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, Read the Story Here. … Read More

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Captain Jack to the U.S.

The latest news about Captain Jack Harkness possibly coming to the U.S. might come to fruition. However, there is a chance that the character itself may change its sexual orientation. I, for one, disagree with this possible change if Fox does go ahead with this US version of Torchwood.

Over on my fan page on Facebook, I’ve posted a discussion thread. I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.