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The time has come to do my 2nd to last Monster Scifi Show for this year. Normally, my Scifi News episodes run about 20-30 minutes but I add more to the show. What will I be discussing? I’ve included 4 movie trailer reviews, 3 Scifi News items, and 5 midseason finale.



While over X-mas, I received a pair of Transformers pajamas which were freaking awesome. A friend of mine from the library sent me this link and was ecstatic about this new line of Star Wars shoes from Adidas, which I want to buy. Putting these two thoughts together, I started to wonder, should I, a man in my 40’s, a husband and father to two children, be more mature and not wear clothing products from my childhood?

I’ve been struggling this past year of holding on to the past too hard. I love the memories and cherish those special moments with special people and feelings. I still want to continue living in that world where I was happy and where I had the all the time in the world and my whole life ahead of me. Alas, I am no longer a child, a teen, or even a dude. I have become something much more now than I could I ever dreamt of. Yet, anytime I play my Cat People soundtrack or a song from the 80’s or some crappy scifi show like M.A.N.T.I.S., I am transported back to those times. I miss those individuals that I am reminded of and wish for them to be in my life now. However, I decided to end certain things and refocus my energies on where I was and where I was going. I will always be haunted by these thoughts and at times, I have to indulge and given in to those needs. In the meantime, I have been giving away certain items that either I have no room for in my home to either the Salvation Army or to friends at work. I am slowly progressing ever slowly to the future. I am hoping for a new year to grow and expand to new areas of thinking both professionally and personally. Still, I think the shoes above are way cool to buy a pair. Read below on the article as well as more pics.

BY CLIFF KUANG Wed Dec 23, 2009 at 9:09 AM

The full line is actually pretty subtle. Stylish, even.

A month ago, we wrote about the new Star Wars–themed shoe line Adidas was creating for 2010. At the time, only teaser shots were available. But the full deets are out, and the results, against all expectations, are kind of awesome.

What’s particularly clever is how very subtle the Star Wars references are. Spotting these on the street, you’d never know they were themed cross-branding. But if someone told you what the visual inspiration was, you’d say “Ah-ha!”

Yoda’s shoes have that rugged, handmade look that’s oh so popular in the forbidding swamps of Dagobah:

via These Adidas Star Wars Kicks Are Kinda Genius | Design & Innovation | Fast Company.

stretch armstrongThis has to be filed under the most lamest idea ever. I like it better when Stretch Armstrong  was called Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four or Elongated Man and Plastic Man from JLA or even Elastic Girl from the Incredibles than this crappy toy. I will admit, I owned a Stretch Armstrong but growing up as an only kid there is only just so much stretching one could do before you toss this toy in the closet. Which is exactly what happened to me and to boot, something in my closet puncture Armstrong and all the gel guts spilled out. The other problem with this toy as some complained that the gel became very stiff and when you tried to stretch it you would hear a snap. So try to imagine this image above with two broken arms and legs; it’s not a pretty picture.

romNow, zoom to the present with the news that Universal decided to option this toy for a movie. I can only imagine some poor writer trying to write a screenplay or even a treatment. Honestly, Armstrong really did not have much of a back-story or other options to expand game-play. Unlike He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats, and Transformers these were toys that were backed up by an animated series. At least this helped to develop a loyal following over the years. Hell, in Rom The Space Knight was kinda crappy but Rom had a comic book and even met the X-Men; now that’s how you market. What I want to see is a movie adaptation of the Micronauts. Click here to read more about the Micronauts.

So, this now begs the question, “Which toy that you grew up with, if given the chance, should be adapted to a live action movie?” And for Gods sake, don’t you dare say Jem and The Holograms, My Pretty Pony, or Strawberry Shortcake; I’m working on a treatment, LOL. Give this some serious thought as I am curious to hear your thoughts.

In an effort to catch up with all of the other toy-inspired movie franchises hitting theaters, Universal Pictures recently teamed up with Hasbro for a six-year partnership. What’s their first movie together? That’s right, it’s Stretch Armstrong.

What’s that you say, “Stretch Armstrong hasn’t been a popular toy for over a decade?” Sorry, doesn’t matter. Hollywood has run out of original ideas and they’re raiding our childhood to compensate.

via Universal Options Stretch Armstrong Movie for April 2011 Release – Screen Rant.

Before I end this post, I started thinking of one of my all time favorite toy to have and that my friends was Evil Knievel. Take a look at the pic below and tell me this would not make a great movie… again.

evil knievel

I found this tidbit on

Josh Duhamel (Transformers) and Bijou Phillips (Hostel: Part 2) have both tested for unspecified roles in George Miller’s Justice League of America.

I’m not sure about Bijou Phillips as Wonder Woman but I saw an actress that would be right for the part. As my wife and I were watching Chuck, we both agreed Sarah Lancaster, who plays Chuck’s sister Ellie, would make a great Wonder Woman. Take a look at the picture below and decide for yourself.



With a free weekend from the family, I went out with my good friend Mr. Gene (more on him later, much later) to see Transformers. The first mistake was getting to the show 5 minutes before the movie started which left us with the worst seats in the house – right up front in the first row. (I still have a creak in my neck, oy!) Nonetheless, I was still eager to see the Autobots and Decepticons fight it out on the big screen. (Until I saw the trailer for the next J.J. Abrams project – next blog entry, I promise)

The Good

I must start by saying that Shia Lebouf (Even Steven, Holes) gave a great and energetic performance despite the weakness in the story and plot. While I did not like his appearance on Saturday Night Live, one cold tell from his opening monologue how happy he was about being in the Transformers movie and the now filming Indiana Jones 4. He is definitely a great talent to watch out for.

Another glowing point to mention was the brilliance in the daytime animation of the Autobots. Noticed how I said the daytime, not nighttime, animation of the Autobots, not the Decepticons. There was a beautiful long shot of the Autobots taking amongst themselves with the sun setting down on them. They were fluid in their movements and extra photo-realistic. This was way beyond any computer animated Beast Wars episode could muster.

The Bad

The movie suffers a great deal from Michael Bay’s handling. Mr. Gene and I were discussing who else could have film this. There is no way Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator) would even touch this with his talent. I thought George Miller would have been an excellent choice since I loved Happy Feet, Babe, and the best segment of the Twilight Zone: The Movie – Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. However, Michael Bay was the go to guy to make the Transformers happen. I have never been an avid fan of his work. Most of his action scenes, while eye candy, offered little to move along the story along plus his character development leaves a lot to be desired. Bay’s work makes Waterworld look like Lord of the Rings.

Moving on to the Decepticons, I couldn’t get a complete view of them and forget Megatron. He was the most under used character through out the film until to finale and the rendering was horrendous. Unlike this movie, the 2D animated series, one could tell who the characters were and be able to tell them apart like Soundwave from Starscream. In addition, most of the time the composition of the shots of the bots and cons fighting were too close and became increasingly unwatchable and difficult to see who was fighting who.

In closing, the only reason I watched this movie was that Mr. Gene and I are Transformers fans. I’m not sure how this would appeal to a movie watcher who has no idea what a Transformer is. Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, Transformers had some good points to satisfy the die-hard fans but just not enough to win me over. Save you money and watch on a free movie weekend on cable when there is really, really nothing to do.

Aside note, I know Thundercats is another movie treatment in the works. I wish is for the makers to get it right or at least make it interesting to watch. For example, I loved watching Josie and the Pussycats both on eArth and in space. The live action movie with Tara Reid (great Melanie), Rosario Dawson (needs to be on my list) and Rachel Leigh Cook (almost on the list) was brilliant in its direction with smart and funny dialogue and overall a great sense of fun. Or the live action Scooby Doo was another example; very cool. (Hmmm, can’t forget Velma. Must remember to put her on the list, girls with glasses.)

Would a direct translation of the animated series worked? Hard to say and depends on having a core audience vs. non-fanatic fans; which weighs more? With the Transformers, the idea was there to give something to the core fans but I felt, again, was not enough. The audience for the film was non-Transformers fans, which the studio played into the lowest common denominator. I’m not trying to be mean that all moviegoers have no taste but rather studios have released crappy movies, hyped it up make it seem greater than it is with the hope people will gobble it up. I expect better and so should you.