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For this week’s Scifi News podcast, I am not alone. Mr. Gene is back to give his take on a trio of topics. What are the “BIG” 3:



tron like cars

This is one of those moments where I am going to show my age. On the left is a Dodge Durango with the cool LED lights but for a million Spaceball bucks, can you name the tv show car on the right?

AutomanWhen the original Tron came out, everyone tried to have this futuristic look but these f/x were very primitive. These computer generate f/x were amazing to look at on the big screen and then ABC had a tv show called Automan back in 1982. Here’s the premise:

Automan (the “Automatic Man“) follows the adventures of a police officer and computer programmer named Walter Nebicher (Desi Arnaz, Jr.), who had created an artificially intelligent crime fighting program that generated a hologram (Chuck Wagner) able to leave the computer world and fight crime. via

Here was the trick and the main issue or problem with the series; Automan would only come out at night when there was less power consumption of electricity. Hence, the lighted f/x would only work at night for the main character, his car or any other contrast he created. As daylight approached, he would make a comment that he can feel toasters and coffee makers coming online and that he had to go back into the computer until the nighttime. Thankfully, this Tron vampire never lasted more than one season. Granted, the cool thing about this show was to see the Autocar in action. To give the Autocar an interesting feel, anytime it had to make a turn, the car would make a quick 90 degree angle left or right. How this was achieve was through editing the film back then. The car was heading in one direction and then the film was spliced on the car going down in another direction. This was a very cheesy f/x was one that was very cheap to make.

Overall, this computer scifi look has been one of my favorite looks and wish I could created the same look on the cheap. Still, with life imitating art, there are some signs of having this look now. Take a look at the pic below from the Tokyo Motor Show

DSCF3159_verge_super_wideThis Tron-style Kawasaki concept, called the J, is an electric motorcycle where the front “wheel” splits into two. The J eschews handlebars entirely for a pair of “arms” that can be manipulated into different positions to prioritize speed or comfort.  Click here to see more

Do I need to say more? This is the BEST trailer to date that gives a better understanding to the next Tron movie. I can not wait!!!!

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Tron Legacy marketing is going into full effect. This past week, it was announce that the monorails at Disney were getting the lightcycle skins. As seen below, these are freakin’ amazing and can not wait to see them in person.

If you wan to appraised of any new information, I provided the link to the Disney Blog. Other plans in the works, Tomorrowland’s acarde will be transformed to Flynn’s as seen in the first and second movie. Hopefully, if Tron Legacy is a big success, we can expect at least two more Tron movies.

Next, below is going to be the next Cindy Morgan/Lora/Yori – Olivia Wilde. I’ve been hearing the name for a while but frankly don’t know who she is but I can see myself going gaga over her.

Finally, if you have not seen the latest trailer, take a gander of the new clip. While I am happy to see Bruce Boxleitner/Alan/Tron, I’m surprised not to see Cindy. Bruce as aged fantastically but is this fair to leave out another cast member due to appearances? That’s my two cents. Let me know your thoughts.

Trailer for Tron Legacy

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tron legacy posterAfter almost a year of seeing the blurry at times video of Tron 2.o from Comic Con last year, we are treated to a fresh and spanking sharp trailer of not Tron 2.0 but Tron Legacy. In all honesty, until I just watched the this trailer did I understand the connection of the now old Flynn to the Flynn avatar program at the very end. Now it’s clear to me but has Flynn found a way to stay in the virtual world and has been as corrupted as Sark. I can not wait to see this can and gather more information. Don’t be suprise about hearing me doing a podcast in the future. I loved Tron movie, I loved the music by Wendy Carlos, and I loved by the Tron arcade game back in the 80’s. Good times, indeed and good times, ahead. Enjoy the trailer.