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Cinema Viewfinder: Blu-ray Review: Wolf (1994)

Blu-ray Review: Wolf (1994)

by Tony Dayoub

I’ve got to confess something. I’ve always been partial to the werewolf. There must be something about the wild animal that struggles to break through the exterior of contemporary, mild-mannered man which speaks directly to me. I’m afraid my close friends can confirm it probably speaks to the nebbishy fellow that they all know so well. Which means when it comes to the werewolf movie, I’m, unfortunately, not able to be objective.

It’s not that I’ve seen very many. The werewolf movie has long been underserved in horror cinema. And many of them smell like stinkers from a mile away, like the Underworld flicks, the Twilight flicks, Cursed (2005), Teen Wolf (1985), etc. I even tried to sit through Silver Bullet (1985) the other night, out of my respect for Stephen King (he did write the screenplay, based on his own novella), but not only did I fall asleep a half-hour into the film; my wife confirmed that I guessed the identity of the mysterious wolf in question before I started to snooze.

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