The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 10/27/2017

Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand, Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize y’all’s neighborhood… Really… y’all’s. After all these years, hearing Vincent Prince say y’all’s is still cringe worthy despite the fact that I love this song. As such, I can’t think of a better song to open this week’s Scifi news podcast.

Since we are very close to Halloween, I decided to make this a Halloween themed podcast with my usual “BIG” 3 topics:

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 4/07/2017


This is a super jammed packed podcast. I have lots of great tidbits that I will be talking about plus my BIG 3 Scifi News items: Continue reading

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 11/11/15

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For this week, the Big 3 topics are:

  • MST3K is making a comeback and you can help
  • New Star Wars Experience coming to the Disney parks but at a cost
  • Xbox One updates on November 12 and what to expect

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Who Cares If PS4 And Xbox One Are Out Of Date?

I’m late to the game for the new Xbox One system. One of my best presents for my birthday was getting this new system even though, I have the Xbox 360. I may bring this up on a future podcast about my experience with this new system but I wanted to bring up a pet peeve that is very much like the issue I have with dvds and blu-rays. I get what the article is saying how both the PS4 are not utilizing its full potential especially with 4k (Ultra High Definition TV) is the next big thing. Honestly, some games work extra well in HD and there are others that are simply not worth the money and the space for the new system.

Over the weekend, I was playing Forza 5 with my cousin online. This game was included with my system and I was a completely surprised by how photo-realistic the cars were, how smooth the gameplay was but there were these little touches like windshield glares from the sun really sold this game. Yes, having an HD tv and the HDMI cable makes all the difference with the One but then you have other games which are fun to play like Powerstar Golf does not need to be on 1080p. Yet, the cartoonish graphics are about the same quality you could see for the XBox 360. Am I missing something? What the edges of the characters sharper or more brilliant in color? Meh!

I don’t want to take or be forced to take the next leap in technology when there is still room to grow with 1080p. For example, before there were dvds, there were “Laserdiscs”. Back in the day, I would plunk down $60 – $100 per movies because it was far superior to VHS. The downside was of course, cost and the fact the movies would not all fit on one side or on one disc. Still, dvds were not around and blu-ray was not even a gleam in someone’s eye but I bought into the laserdiscs tech. As I’ve said before, I have many copies of the same movie in different formats that after blu-ray, I said no mas (no more). I want to keep buying the same shit over and over again just because the format is different. The same can be said with HD tvs. How much more can we go until the next thing comes out and then the next thing after that and so on?

I’m not anti-tech but when you force people to adopt something that is still relatively, where is the buy-in? Now, did I need to get a new gaming system? No. I was still happy with my 360 despite the fact I have to slap top of the machine or use a knife to open the disc drive. The One resolved that disc player problem but not having an ejectable tray plus the added 500GB hard drive is a huge win; it’s a more evolved experience from the 360. Having said all this, there needs to be a huge leap forward to make the consumer want the new tech. Think how much better blu-ray discs are compared to the laserdiscs: they are cheaper, smaller, sharper images and holds more information overall – that’s how you do it. What I’m saying, don’t give us tech that just gives little tweaks gives the wow factor. In the meantime, my HD tv is fine and I already have the wow factor from my gaming system. Anything more in the future is just gravy provide my current setup stays the same.

Remember, video games are more about entertainment than tech.Recently, Forbes contributor John Archer raised something of an Internet firestorm by pointing out something that’s been common knowledge for a little while now: neither Sony’s PS4 nor Microsoft’s Xbox One are even close to the most powerful gaming machines on the market. Despite all the hoopla surrounding the term “next-gen,” both machines will struggle to keep pace with modern display technology.

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