I finally got around to do a quick bio of myself. As you can see, I the simponized character is close to what I look like with out the jaundice coloring. Where to begin, I am originally from NY, Da’ Bronx specifically. Having had enough of NY moved down to sunny Florida 6 months before Hurricane Andrew hit. Worked for the first Borders Book Shop in Florida and opened several others including Winter Park, Florida.

I have worked on my own fanzine, Cloudminders. Wrote several letters to Starlog and Star Trek Communication as well as a rejected fan submitted television script to Star Trek: DS9. I am looking forward to continue with my writing career as well as blogging and podcasting on the side.

I am working on my 2nd Master’s degree in Library Science and will pursue a Doctorate in the next few years to continue my life long learning skills. Plus, I want to be called Doctor just because…

I have been a scifi geek all my life but was Star Wars back in 1977 was my revelation of a much larger world. I love movie and tv sountrack and scores, not just scifi, and I want to learn more about this. Did not find the pleasure of reading until Star Trek: The Next Generation aired on tv.

Favorite books of all time: Ethan Frome and Macbeth 

Favorite album/cd: Star Wars

Favorite scifi author: Philip K. Dick

email me: monsterscifishow@gmail.com

PS – Take a look at Ciro Marchetti’s website to view this artist’s work. My wife bought a framed picture in a fair which just happened to have an eerie likeness to my mug. 


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