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Here is another spoiler filled podcast review of Spider-man Homecoming from a couple of lovable webheads, the Monster and Mr. Gene.

Is this the best Spider-man of all times? How does Tom Holland stack against Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield? Do you prefer organic web-shooters over the cartridge web-shooters? How many more questions are you willing to read before you listen to this great podcast? One? Two? Just stop reading, ok? HAHAHA, that was another question you read.



This caught my eye yesterday and I wanted to chime in about the idea of a female director when it comes to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Let me begin with… WE HAD A FUCKING DIRECTOR CALLED JOSS WHEDON WHO WAS NOT ONLY GOING TO DIRECT THE MOVIE BUT ALSO WRITE IT AND WHAT HAPPENED NEXT IS WHY DC/WB IS PLAYING CATCH UP!!! I’m sorry, I lost my cool. This is a very, very sore subject with me.

Back in 2007, Joss was working on the script for a Wonder Woman movie and while the studio, I believe, liked the script had wanted to go in a different direction. It happens all the time but I hated the studio for letting Joss go cause as we all know he went on to direct Marvel’s Avengers which kicked major ass. Those who know Joss’s work with Buffy, Angel, Serenity and Dollhouse will know how much he loves having female characters that are strong and on par to their male counterparts. Imagine if Joss did a Wonder Woman movie and how that tide might have turn to DC/WB favor instead of Marvel? The outcome would have been tremendous. Yet, one could say that Joss might have been our last hope but to quote Yoda, ‘There is another.”

David E. Kelley, writer and tv producer, of such shows like L.A.Law, Picket Fences, Ally McBeal and Harry’s Law, to name a few, had many strong female characters. In 2011, David took a crack at bringing back Wonder Woman to the small screen. The pilot that he wrote failed to get picked up but upon viewing this unfinished product, I saw this Wonder Woman version to have great potential that mirror the comic at that time. So, when I read yesterday about finding a female director to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot, I have to ask if this is even the right move.

Do not take what I said about female director out of context. All I want is to have the right director for the right job regardless of the gender. Yes, it would be great for a female director to break into the all male directors group which have direct 99.999% superhero movies past, present and future. Thor 2 might have been the first with Patty Jenkins but departed the project when there were difference between her and Marvel. Even Portman wanted off the Thor 2 but had to stay due to her contractual obligations. Does that mean female director can’t helm big projects? No, but when there are restrictions or a conflicting visions of the project, the studio is going to win 9 out of 10 times; hence Edgar Wright leaving the Ant-Man project so it’s not a gender thing.

Still, I don’t want a female director for female sake. Though, the first thought about a great female director would be Kathryn Bigelow. With Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker being my two favorites movies of Kathryn, I would nominate her instantly to the top of the list. Sadly, I can’t think of another female director to this project. Now, having said this, when Star Trek needed to be rebooted, Abrams was brought in to direct it. He even admitted to not being a Star Trek fan and yet he made one the best Star Trek films. Yet, Shatner, our Captain Kirk, made of one of the worst Trek films. So despite being associated with a franchise it’s not a given that success will come. The same can be said about the female director and Wonder Woman; it would be great but not necessary.

Warner Bros. is reportedly looking for a female director to helm the recently announced Wonder Woman movie. The film would mark the first time the superhero has had her own standalone film, and also the second time a female director leads such a production.

In the aftermath of the studio’s announcement of nine superhero films to premiere between 2016 and 2020, starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, WB is trying hard to respond to criticism that superhero films are ruled by males, both in front and behind the camera. Additionally, critics have accused Hollywood of lack of diversity in casting main characters.

via Wonder Woman Movie: Studio Searches For Female Director [Report].


Mr Gene and I discuss the latest Marvel superhero movie, Captain America The Winter Soldier. Please do not listen to the podcast if you have not seen the movie as this show is filled with spoilers.

Check out this episode!


Growing up, one of the many things I enjoyed was reading comic books. As yes, on occasion, had donned a towel and pretended to be Superman. I would jump high off my bed as well as leaping on to my bed all the while make whooshing air noises. Or pretend to be shooting  spider webs like Spider-man or run down the street as fast as I can like the Flash. I wanted to be them even though  I knew they were not real. On the same token, I had serious problems watching the Superfriends because there was not a whole lot of kick ass action like the comic books would have. On the same token, I  would cringe at some stupid storylines like seeing Superman’s horse Comet or comic book tie ins with Radio Shack.  But then, I grew up and so did comics. I needed to have more.

In many ways, the darkening of the superhero genre reflects the trajectory that comic books followed more than 30 years ago. 1986 was something of a watershed for the comic book industry — a year that is widely credited as ushering in “The Dark Age” of comics with the publication of acclaimed series like Alan Moore‘s Watchmen and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Suddenly, comic books were infused with darker political, psychological, and sociological undertones. Superheroes were no longer whiz-bang do-gooders who delighted kids, but anti-heroes with the same emotional baggage as the aging fans who read about them. As the subject matter moved away from the black-and-white morality that dominated the genre’s so-called Golden Age, it delved into the shades of gray that lie between right and wrong.



capeI was reading this piece on io9 about the relationship of being a superhero in a virtual reality can lend itself to you being altruistic in the real world. The article went on about how the test subjects used the VR tech. There were two groups – ones that could fly under their own power and another that flew but in a helicopter. When the experiment was over, the tester had knocked over a jar of pens. Of those that flew under their power were the ones that helped over those who did not help and flew in the helicopter. The article as went on to say that the power of flight might have contributing factor.

Now, those who follow this blog would undoubtedly want to have a superpower for a variety of reasons. Flying, I believe, would be high on the list for many people including myself. As an experiment, I typed in the word “superhero” on the 3 big search engines. Yahoo, Bing, and Google each had similar results when it came to images. (Give it a try.) A flying superhero or a Superman image appears first; which is kinda interesting. My guess is the concept of flying is so ingrained in our imagination and that it is logical to associate with the word of superhero.

Thinking further on this point, I had Maslow’s hierarchy of needs concept stuck in my head. When I was laid off from work and wasn’t going to school, I was at the lowest point in my life as the very basics – food, shelter, clothing were at times not being met. Moving on the Maslow’s next level can only be done when the level below is fulfilled and so on. Recently, I ran a 1/2 marathon which is the top-level, Self Actualization. This was something that was beyond I had ever done and could have only done in Maslow’s order. What if this sudden injection of superpowers such as flying would make leaps and bounds over the Maslow’s level and in some cases skipping them? In doing so, we have this new perspective on the world around us? In other words, if I was in the same experiment and was unemployed, would I yield the same results with the jar of pens? Were those flying in the experiment working and secured the each of Maslow’s level? If the answer is yes, than I would conclude my outcome would have become less than altruistic and here’s why.

If you remember the phrase, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I think this is what would happen to me because the Maslow levels are not satisfied. For example, I was poor and hungry and suddenly, I found a million dollars. Now, I am not poor but I’m still hungry. I may have security with my new wealth but not satisfied my hunger. In the process, I could become reckless with the money and lose it all. There would an element of instability/corruption because there was no foundation. On Star Trek: The Next Generation, First Officer Will Riker was given the powers of Q who is omnipotent. While he used his powers for good, he was getting corruptible each time he used those powers. He did not grow into those powers over days, week, years or even a lifetime; it just happened in a flash.

What do you think?