The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 4/6/2018

I am back. I’ve got lots to talk to you about and trust me its a lot. I’m a professional so please stand back but listen, let me clear my throat. 

What are the “BIG” 3 Scifi News items I’ll be talking about:

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Wonder Woman

75 years in the making!!!! We have a Wonder Woman on the big screen. Mr. Gene and I watched this movie and here’s our review. 

What? Were you expecting more in the show notes? Actually, there is. TRASH PANDA!!!!!

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 5/12/2017

A bevy of information of current shows either being renewed, canceled or new shows being ordered will be addressed in the tidbits of news for this week. I like that word, bevy. This makes me sound more erudite. You know more smart; stoopid.

Now that I established my superior mind, what are the “BIG” 3 scifi news topics:

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – The Lego Batman Movie



Could The Lego Batman Movie be the breakout movie of the year? Mr. Gene and I are back to give our reviews of this latest Lego movie.

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Suicide Squad

monster scifi show cover - suicide squad

I’m doing this podcast LIVE, sort of. I am doing a review of DC’s Suicide Squad while I am showing the teens in my library how I do my podcast from beginning to the end product.

Whoever, I’ve redone the podcast over again as I was not happy with the results initially. I think you’ll be happier with this version.

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