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Sorry for the delay but here’s your Scifi News for March 17.


Star Blazers

Starting this blog entry has brought me a bit of joy this late afternoon. Call it kismet, fate or serendipity but last month, during my first Young Adults anime, I showed the first episode of Star Blazers. Many, many moons ago, when I was in grade school, I would get up around 6am to watch this show. I was totally hooked at such a young age that almost some 40 years later, here I am introducing this show to a new audience. I remember how truly awesome the space battles were and how each episode ended with how many days were left for the crew of the Yamato to save Earth.

On a side note, I remembered there was a live action movie some time ago but never seen it other than the trailer. I’ve posted the trailer below for your amusement.

Now having said this, not all live action anime work. Wicked City is one movie I remembered watching the anime but the live action was a lot of nonsense. I’m just wondering if there will be a more Americanized version of this movie ala Godzilla which will make this movie suck even more.

What’s your take?

Fans of the long-forgotten (but uncannily ahead of its time) Japanese anime series, Star Blazers, have cause to rejoice today. Skydance Productions has confirmed that the much in-demand Christopher McQuarrie will now not only pen the script for their impending live-action adaptation, but he will be sitting in the director’s seat as well.

If you’ll recall, it was way back in 2011 when Skydance acquired the rights to the series and quickly attached McQuarrie to write the screenplay for their new property. Since then, Star Blazers has languished in development purgatory, making today’s news a welcome surprise.

via Star Blazers Is Ready For Flight As Christopher McQuarrie Is Confirmed To Direct.

The second of the four new trailers from Marvel Anime is Iron Man. By all account, this looks to be more spectacular than the dismal Iron Man 2 movie from several months back. Unlike the departure from the typical Wolverine as see in the last entry, this Iron Man looks more Anime without having to lose the Iron Man icon such as the pic below.

What I love about this trailer is more in the stylish action that Anime is known for. The Iron Man: Armored Adventures on Nick is not the direction I like. I don’t care for the young Tony Starks because the Iron Man I grew up with was not Peter Parker/Spiderman the Nick series makes him out to be. For me as a comic fan, I hate when they change the direction of a character to make him/her more appealing to kids. Spiderman and his Amazing Friends didn’t dumb down the action or the characters. Moving forward, this Iron Man series looks to be rich in action and visuals. I can not wait for this series on G4TV in 2011.

GforceI was looking over some blogs and came across this entry about one of my all time favorite anime series Battle of the Planets. While the 80’s version does not exist as I plucked out my brains literally, the Sandy Frank presentation of G-Force is watch I grew up with in the late 70’s. You can take a look at the YouTube clip below. When you get a chance, read below for even more info and videos in the original lanuguage which is very cool.

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For those of you who had no idea that there was such a course of study as ‘ninja science,’ allow me to crack open the secrets of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

Better known stateside as Battle of the Planets (or G-Force), Gatchaman is one of the most popular super hero anime series of all time. This style of program (five young heroes kicking the snot out of nameless/faceless goons and monsters) would much later resurface as the all-too-familiar Power Rangers, but for the original was amazing for its purity.

The basic mission of the team (operating as part of the surprisingly well-funded International Science Organization) is to protect the planet’s natural resources from the evil terrorist organization known as Galactor led by the strangely effeminate Leader X. Trained in ‘bird style’ fighting techniques and armed with state-of-the-art weapons including the deadly yo-yo, what kind of chance does Galactor have?

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While I am familiar with the anime series, I have never seen a single episode of Dragonball Z. After watching this trailer, I’m almost sure that I WANT to see this movie. Let me know if you are a fan of Dragonball Z and if this trailer lives up to your expectations.

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