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Happy Halloween everyone! Stat safe!


scifi pumpkin star trek wars

Being bald has limited Halloween costume options. I would be Professor X or Captain Picard or Captain Sisko or Riddick; though I won’t be doing the last one as the last movie really just sucked ass. More to the point, there are some characters I can do for Halloween but I would like the option for more people to play. Now, moving forward, I have decided on doing Nero from the 2009 Star Trek movie; you know the good one. Aside from the bald look, I was wondering how I could create this effect and in what medium that was comfortable and easy.

nero skull cap and mask

As I did the research, here are the two options I found. The one on the left is a skull-cap which makes this kid look like a Tholian. Second, the markings on the cap needs to be brought down further on the head. The looks nothing like Nero let alone a Romulan from the movie. The picture on the right has the better approach. The mask looks better and the markings on the head looks more like the character. However, I don’t want to be wearing a mask all day and especially at work. I needed a third option.


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