James Bond Song Poll – Best Group/Duo

Daniel Craig admits he’s definitely reprising his role as James Bond for a third time in Bond 23 (ridiculous title to come later), but that’s old news. What fans want to know is what’s in store for 007 after Quantum of Solace?

Could it be comedy? “Yeah, there’s room for more comedy,” says Craig. Excellent.

What about characters like Q and Miss Moneypenny? “I would love to [include them next time], but I think you offer it to the best actors you can and you say to them, ‘Forget what’s happened, reinvent it, tell us what you think these characters should be,’ and that’s where it should come from,” the Brit tells us.

How about Bond on the ski slopes? “I’m not a skier, Jesus,” Craig laughs. “I think Bond [would] actually slide down the hill.”

via ‘Bond 23’: What Does Daniel Craig Know? at Hollywood.com.

On this news, I have been giving James Bond some serious thought. I wanted to do several things on my blog with Bond from the books, movies, Bond girls and so on. The James Bond opening song is perhaps the most critical element which no Bond movie would do with out. For starters, I have broken down the all the songs into several categories.

For this entry, I have decided to do a poll on the best Bond song by group or duo. Below are the contestants in which I would be curious to see how you vote. I will be doing a podcast in the coming months and give you my own views and would like to include yours. Leave your comments, vote at the poll on the bottom, or email me your ideas: monsterscifishow@hotmail.com.

paul and wings

Live and Let Die” is the main theme song of the 1973 James Bond film. While there are many covers of this song, Guns N’ Roses and Fergie from The Black Eye Peas, I am still in love with this the original and classic version.


A View to a Kill” is the thirteenth single by Duran Duran, released in May 1985. One of my favorite 80’s band mixed with a James Bond movie; you could not have asked for a better combination. I just wished this last film for Roger Moore was more impress rather than a farce.


The Living Daylights” is the song performed by a-ha for the James Bond film of the same name. Bursting onto the scene with the “Take On Me” video, many would have thought little band as a one hit wonder. I am such of fan of their music that this was a perfect blend of their artistry with a Bond flair.


The World Is Not Enough“, performed by Garbage, is the theme single of the eponymous James Bond film. I have grown very fond of Shirley Manson and her musical talents. I really find her delivery style mirrors many of the past female Bond singers like Shirley Bassey and Sheena Easton.

keys and white

Another Way to Die” is a song by American rock musician and singer Jack White (of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather) and American R&B-soul singer Alicia Keys. This is the first duo in the James Bond franchise. The music is strong but Alicia Keys is a much stronger singer than Jack White. Oddly enough, this song sounds like an update version of To Live and Let Die.


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