Monster Scifi Show Podcast Episode 16 06/14/2009

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Scifi
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fanboys posterHaving finally seen this film on DVD, this is a must have to any true scifi/Star Wars fanboy. There are not enough words to describe how happy I am to see a film that gets who I am and other like me. Luckily, I recorded a new podcast about Fanboys the movie and the people who. If you’ve seen Fanboys, check out my earlier entry about ’77.  Below you can hear the latest podcast streaming or if you want to do a direct download for all my past and present podcast, click here.

  1. e jones says:

    This movie was terrible and should be a insult to any one who was serious that sci fi has meaning or some other value beyond base entertainment…


  2. Nachtswerg says:

    I’ve got to agree about ‘Fanboys’. Sure, it has that indie feel of most Weinstein projects, but keep in mind that Howie and Co. bought this well after its production.

    It’s a funny, well written and well acted film. There are also some wonderful cameos, but I like how it works with the stereotypes, but then breaks them later (like with the older bruiser who turns out to love the Star Wars trilogy).

    By the way, does my knowing all the answers to the SW-related questions make me a geek?


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