I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Scifi
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I thought to share this anyone who reads my blog. As many of you know, I have an interest in scifi – duh and I like writing screenplays. Way back almost mid 90’s, I actually submitted a story idea for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The story was called Sojourner which had Hugh – the Borg come to DS9 to wait for their God to arrive. The God was to be of V’Ger.
While my dreams to get called to Hollywood was suddenly dashed, I still realized how much of an accomplishment this really was. There are those who dream it but never try. There are those who try once and give up. Lastly, there are those who don’t give up because they never stop trying. I want to be the latter as my career in writing has not really progressed but it hasn’t exactly died either. This blog has been a saving grace to but some of my ideas out of my head on to cyberspace for all to read and enjoy. For the most part, this has been a very interesting experience as many times when I think my blog sucks I suddenly get tons of hits months down the road. What does this mean?
I want to say that I am a forward thinker who can see things ahead and talk about it several months before it materializes. For example, when I first learn of the DS9 spinoff series, there was very little details about the series except that it took place on a space station, a bitter Captain from Wolf 359 and fell within ST:TNG timeline. I started the construction of W.W.I.D. (What Would I Do) if I had the chance to write the script. Looking back at what I wrote with my long lost co-writer Marryann, there was no way this could have been filmed with two huge cast series members and the storyline with the Borg/V’Ger. However, there was something that I created that made me believe in abilities as a writer.
As with all Trek series, there is always a central character that either comments or reflects on humanity. We can look at Dr. McCoy as an example or Dr. Pulaski to a small degree or even Worf being raised by Hu-Mans (Ferengi accent), and of course, Data who strived to have human emotions. There was a character I created, before there was even mention of who the DS9 cast would be, a shapshifter. Instead of Odo, my shapeshifter was named Taba. Taba was not at all like Odo and in fact, quite the opposite of Odo in almost every way. Taba liked to encounter new alien lifeforms as he tries to replicate himself like them. In my story, as Taba sees Data for the first time he quickly transforms himself as another Data. The crux of this character is how he wanted to be like everyone and everything around him and yet there was a sadness about him; he did not want to be himself (ie. being alone and not in a relationship). One could say that Taba was suffering from an identity crisis as this character mirrored me in many ways from a difficult time in my life back in NY. As the months rolled along and I learned about Odo, I was floored. This was not to say that Paramount stole my shapeshifter character, hardly, but rather, I was starting to think like them. This was my vindication that I could be a writer.
Jumping ahead several years later, I moved to Miami and started to work at Borders Book Shop back in 1993. There, I met a good friend Rudy, who we still stay in touch through Facebook but never answers my email, bastard, re-worked my first screenplay into a 1 hour teleplay. The concept of V’Ger and the Borg was still the main focus but Hugh the Borg was going to take the rein as he was waiting for his God on DS9. I really like Sojourner as Hugh and V’Ger each had there own paths to take to the next evolutionary step and the wormhole was how I was going to bring these two together. Alas, as the script was sent along with a waiver and I waited and waited to hear from Paramount. I did. In the form of this letter with my script telling me that it was being rejected. Yes, I was hurt but as time passed, there are people who never but themselves out there to be judged by others even if there is no chance of success. At least, I can brag about my 1 rejection letter. However, there past couple of years, I’ve been needing a creative boom to my life and it’s getting there.
What really gets me excited is when I talk to people about there passions. This passions could writing, painting, drawing or even reading a book but telling me the pros and cons of the book to spark debate. So, where I am going with all of this is to inspire YOU as I try to continue with myself to do something beyond yourself and to make something creative. Never stop learning and growing as a person for even in the most unhappiests of times you still have the power to create something special. Once you do, I would love to hear about it. If you are reading my blog, you know where I am.
Just a note, this will be my last blog for the week until I get back from MegaCon. I’m sure I’ll have lots to say and I hope to see you there as well.
Geeks of the World, UNITE!

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