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Let me start by saying that in less the 3 minutes I am already pissed about this episode. Jamie is having margaritas with her friends. They are complaining to her not having a man in her life. What was really troublesome was the camera kept moving in cinema verte style which does not work here. This was one of the reasons why I never watched another episode of NYPD Blue after the pilot. The cinema verte style has a very documentary feel to it to make us feel as we are they in the moment. On BSG, this style goes well with the storytelling. On Bionic Woman, the camera movement makes me sick to my stomach. Part two of my rant, Jamie gets called in for a mission where Jonas goes over the details quickly, gives Jamie a college i.d., and ask how is her British accent. Since I already knew Michelle Ryan was Brit actress, this was one of the lamest alias covers I’ve ever seen.



Sorry for the older entry. Still there is some good stuff to watch…

Kind of soggy and miserable day due in part of T.S. Noel here in Miami. I truly missed the times that I went out trick-a-treating back in New York. I used to live in an apartment complex where no matter what the weather was outside I was protected from the elements by staying inside the complex. Best of all, was the ability to attack all of the other apartments without having to wear a jacket or sweater over my costume. The complex I lived in had 6 apartments and 7 floors. I could hit 42 home in a space of 30 minutes. Whereas now, walking my kids door to door in Miami, I’m lucky if can get 10 houses in the same time frame.


I found this article about a bigfoot sighting on the local NBC website. Go to this link to read more and watch the video. Below are some videos from You Tube your viewing pleasure and of course, another slide show with a Halloween theme. Stay safe and have fun tonight.

Hilarious 1970s Horror Movie Trailers

The Shining Recut

THE ORIGINAL Scary ‘Mary Poppins’ Recut Trailer

Halloween Slide Show